You, Me & HIM “Going Home”

Sunny memories of childhood home, cozy rooms so big and activities so interesting lost in time get revisited with the bittersweet emotions of longing in this newly-released single. Crafted with care and loaded with emotions, the song I’m about to introduce offers multi-layered emotional journey and a great company!

Today’s stars are two Londoners, namely singer-guitarist Jim Newman and multi-instrumentalist Max Goff. Working alongside major established artists like George Ezra and Tom Odell is part of their lives, and Jim Newman also creates his own solo work as Jim Jam. Experienced musicians, that’s for sure.

The duo have teamed up to form You, Me & Him, a gentle-voiced indie folk project flowing along the calm introspective paths. Their sound is minimal in execution – the vocals, upright bass and acoustic guitar are the main elements that the duo uses to create the sound most graceful, atmospheric and mature. The emotions put into the music is carefully woven into every note and melody, making You, Me & Him one of the most soulful modern folk acts out there.

You, Me & Him have just released their newest single, a “Going Home” featuring the lovely voice of Lydia Clowes. The second single from their upcoming album “Standing in the Wrong Place”, this song walks into the artists’ memories of childhood home. The bursting and almost celebrating energy is intertwined with the yearning for being back in the summery warm, calm and cozy place one used to call home, the quiet and thoughtful bits joined with those that dance, run and smile the widest.

“Going Home” begins slowly with gentle guitar and the duet of vocals singing, a window back in time, showing the old wooden frame and the slightly distorting glass. As soon as the ecstatic electric guitar notes jump in, the leap through the window and into the lush warm place is made, and it progresses into the most joyful celebration, so catchy you just can’t resist getting pulled into the rich multicolored happiness. And then the song ends, and the window returns with the quieter guitar notes, echoes of the just-experienced emotions still floating around. Oh the memories…

This beautiful vibrant song feeds the soul, its timeless sound will stay around just like the feelings running within.

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