1.0.8. “Dynamite & Alcohol”

We’re glad to announce that alternative/indie artist 1.0.8. is set to release a new single, entitled “Dynamite & Alcohol” on August 19th; and you can pre-save the track here.

“Dynamite & Alcohol” has just been completed by Kevin Tuffy at Alchemy Mastering, and is one of 12 tracks to be included in 1.0.8.’s forthcoming debut LP, Devotion, due for release in February 2022. The track was written and performed by Andrew Stewart, working in collaboration with the producer and musical maestro Jason Odle at Developing Sounds, who works closely with Billie Marten, Litany and Ella Grace.

Originally from Glasgow, Andrew Stewart lives in North Yorkshire and works on a wide range of experimental, visual and music-based projects. The track follows on from Stewart’s EP, Nine Times Twelve, from last year. It’s been a busy time writing and recording during the past 18 months for Stewart, who has concentrating on exploring and recording new material – all very exciting, with new tracks constantly evolving.

Stewart’s latest track, “Dynamite & Alcohol,” is a psychedelic dreamlike meander through the wilderness of cinema, cowboys, and moonlit scenarios. Describing the inspiration behind the track, Stewart says:

At the end of last year I had the melody constantly playing in my mind like an ear worm, but with no story or lyrics. Around this time I suddenly became very ill with suspected arsenic poisoning from an old painting I was working on (I’m a picture restorer by background). My condition became very serious, and another major problem was found. It resulted in several rollercoaster days and nights spent in hospital – with the song increasingly playing on my mind. The hospital room I was in had a great night time view of the sky, and the moon was at its fullest. ‘The Moon is God’ lyric seemed to fit perfectly with the melody; and the surreal situation I found myself lent its self to a dream like concoction of imagery and words; where the rational world is left behind and the most random and bizarre things become totally acceptable as normal.

It reminded me of Conroy Maddox, a surrealist artist I knew – who when asked to explain what surrealism was stated ‘In life we spend 16 hours awake and 8 hours asleep. Surrealism is a combination of both.’ I quite like the simplicity of that. Music and art shouldn’t be constrained to the rational, or to be subject to explanations of why and how. It is beyond words.

“Dynamite & Alcohol” is also accompanied by a great music video, which you can check out here:

“Dynamite & Alcohol” opens with dreamlike synth textures and the steady, hypnotic rhythms of the percussion and bass; while acoustic guitar strumming and languid electric guitar patterns soon join in along with the poetic lyrics, adding further to the track’s entrancing atmosphere. Vocal harmonies and distorted guitar licks highlight the memorable choruses quite well, while the buzzy notes of a brass instrument complement the thoughtful vocals and acoustic guitar nicely during the bridge. “Dynamite & Alcohol” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, reflecting 1.0.8.’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock and indie music alike.

You can read our previous review for 1.0.8 back in February 18, “Life Express”

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