Darrian Gerard- “I’m Not Sorry”

Canadian singer-songwriter makes her third appearance on this blog after her previous work “I Don’t Need Anyone” and “Festival” with her third and newest single: “I’m Not Sorry“. It is an empowering pop-punk anthem that sings about realizing that one does not own an apology to those who hurt us. Gerard once again lifts our spirits with a song that makes us want let out our inner thoughts while singing along to a really catchy chorus.

“I’m Not Sorry”‘s story began in 2015, when Darrian Gerard was going through a rough heartbreak. After apologizing many times to that boy, she soon realized that the one who should’ve been offering apologies to her was none other than him. The single is a way of taking back those apologies that should have never been made; a way of taking back what is rightfully ours that we gave away to those who did not deserved it in the first place.

Entirely produced on her basement,”I’m Not Sorry” recaptures the pop-punk style that Darrian Gerard has built upon on her previous singles and has successfully made her own. It is a style that mixes diverse sources of pop-punk and pop-rock acts: blink-182, Angels & Airwaves, Avril Lavinge, Alanis Morissette and Taylor Swift, particularly from her Fearless-era. That way, she can sing melodies that are able to stay in the listeners ears for all day.

Darrian Gerard can write melodies. Being in the verses, the bridge or the chorus, “I’m Not Sorry” is has plenty of singable moments in various parts of the track. The vocals and the guitars play melodies that leave the listener no other choice than to sing along. But the melody would not mean anything without a harmony to back her up. Powerchords in the guitars and bass maintain alongside the drums the energy that let the vocals shine; vocal harmonization gives the track the sweetness that is characterizes pop-punk. Gerard’s vocals fit perfectly the style and the emotions of the track, while always maintaining the personal tone she is known for.

“I’m Not Sorry” represents the latest track in the resurgence of pop-punk. Darrian Gerard has written an anthem that makes us feel powerful against those who have hurt us in any way. If you enjoyed this track, make sure to listen to her previous work and keep her in your watchlist to make sure you won’t miss what she will offer next!

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