Emma Hunter “Here I Go” EP

The dark sweet flamenco vibes from the 50s are what today’s duo of singer and guitarist Emma Hunter and drummer Tom Bruce are all about. Cinematic and bold with a hint of danger, their sound takes central position on the stage, vibrant from the passion, emotions and those fabulous dresses flowing in the slightly cigarette-smoky atmosphere. Layers of lush guitar fill the echoing warm dark, accompanied by the equally rich triphop-esque percussion and the emotive, powerful and outstandingly incredible voice of Emma creating an unforgettable listening experience. Even when you’re feeling the lowest, Emma Hunter’s music will make you forget about the troubles and invite into a world most immersive. Life at its visceral levels intertwined with dramatic elegance and a lot of depth.

Today, Emma Hunter steps out to release her new EP. Titled “Here I Go“, it’s home to 4 tracks. The themes in this album are serious, coming from the darker side of relationships as well as strong negative feelings. This EP also portrays how genius of an artist Emma Hunter is, and it will show as soon as you hit play.

Ttitle track “Here I Go” is a venture into the world of Yolanda, a female character troubled with an unhealthy relationship and wondering whether she should leave it. The atmosphere in this song feels uneasy and sad even through the vibrant guitars, the imminence of escaping growing as the song progresses.

The next track is a more mysterious lushly colored tune called “Nightingale”, previously released as a single. The me-character falls in love with someone else in this song, admiring them from a distance as they sing and hoping to muster up enough courage to make a change. A strong sense of yearning is present in the singer’s vocals.

Third track departs from Yolanda’s life and into a stripped down soundscapes featuring layers and layers of vocals running in unison through the void, showing how much can be created with just the voice. The drums soon join to add a slow powerful trip-hop beat with chopped-up hihats adding sparkle. The wall-like void this song is built upon portrays the state of panic and overwhelm and fear of failure, while the vocals add even more into the troubled feel, pleading to help them out of this hole.

Last tune of the album is “Window”, a deliciously flowing and echoing song that sways in its rhythm. Chanting “Look at me, look at me, I’m real”, this song takes a deep look into the personas portrayed by people hiding their true feelings and thoughts. And as the ending track, this one gives a magnificent spectacle to end the journey, spinning up the elevated mood towards the sky through the slow and celestial percussion and melodies vibing through a particularly pleasant haze. It’s an insanely beautiful track and one that will linger in your thoughts as “holy crap this was amazing!”

This little EP is loaded with color and emotion, a truly stunning listen. I’m generally quite careful when saying something is a must-listen, but this is most definitely one. If you like smoky moody vibes with a strong hint of triphop, Emma Hunter is here!

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