Strangely Alright “Nisqually”

We’re glad to announce that Seattle, United States based psychedelic rock band Strangely Alright have released a new single, entitled “Nisqually.”

Strangely Alright’s music is the closest that you will come to owning a time machine. It is their ability to flit between a psychedelic past and pop-rock present and even hint at what the future might sound like, that reminds us that, even though the laws of physics suggest that time travel is impossible, the laws of sonics actively encourage it.

Past singles from the Seattle quintet prove that they can rock out, groove with the best, be infectiously pop when they choose and can hold their own, even against such psyched-out pioneers as early Floyd, The Beatles, Bolan, Bowie and even later revivalists such as Jellyfish and Redd Kross. And, with such a shifting set of references and sonic building blocks, they always find somewhere new to take the music. Their latest single, “Nisqually,” is the sound of that adventure continuing unabashed.

This time out, the self-titled “Eclectic Psychedelic Minstrel Magic Music Show” offer us something slow yet trippy, epic yet deftly built, an understated anthem, if such a thing is possible, forged from delicacy and drifting sonics, staccato punches and meandering waltz signatures. “Nisqually” spins and spirals, swaggers and saunters, slowly cocooning itself in additional textures and tones, squalling guitar breaks and shimmering splashes of percussion. It is the sound of Laurel Canyon circa 71 being re-explored in the hippest modern studio.

Explaining the inspiration behind Strangely Alright’s music, the band writes, “A big part of SA is the fact Sean, Regan and Ken are in recovery. We all have had previous struggles and that experience can be a touchstone to a better understanding and appreciation of ones self and maybe even an attitude filled with more gratitude. So when Sean sings about change he also alludes to the constant of love. When we were at the bottom and couldn’t see the light we had other people give us love and hope until we could love ourselves. And knowing first hand of the power of love we have a thread of hope and kindness in our music. It’s not truly intentional, it just is.

Penned by the songwriting team of ringmaster/front-man Regan Lane and guitarist Sean Van Dommelen, it is the latter’s voice that powers “Nisqually,” a song that takes change as its subject. The message is a simple one: no matter how good or bad your day is, irrespective of the joy or pain present in your life, change and love are, ironically, the only constant. (The band’s motto also includes “Be Kind. It Matters. Love Always Wins, Don’t Be A Dick.”)

If you haven’t ridden the Strangely Alright express before, this is a great place to begin, as “Nisqually” is the sound of a band pushing the far sonic boundaries and high creative benchmarks that they have previously set for themselves. Once you have had your fill of this little sonic gem, you can head off into the mercurial world of their back catalogue and explore some of the coolest and kookiest, grace-filled and grooviest, rapturous rock and poised-pop you will have heard for a long time. For first time listeners, Strangely Alright say, “the hope is the music will reach you on the inside. That the love and hope we feel for all of us will connect with the listener. Because in the end the WE makes all of us better and stronger.

“Nisqually” begins with the relaxing sounds of bird calls, spacey synth textures, and echoing acoustic guitar chords, which bring about a peaceful and introspective mood. The thoughtful lyrics of the first verse soon join in along with a melodica and distantly echoing drums, leading nicely into the chorus with its captivating vocal harmonies. A buzzy, retro-sounding synth and otherworldly effects add to the track’s psychedelic atmosphere during the next verse and chorus, followed by a brilliantly soulful electric guitar solo. “Nisqually” is quite an enjoyable listen, reflecting Strangely Alright’s creative songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of psychedelic-, alternative-, and indie rock alike.

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