Valerie Mood- “Lost in the Dead EnD”

Lost in the Dead End” is the third and final single from Czech singer-songwriter Valerie Mood’s upcoming album SelfSabotage. The single shines with its mysterious atmosphere and Mood’s hauntingly hypnotic vocals, while exploring the dynamics in relationships. “Lost in the Dead End” traps the listener in the same game the song describes.

The single is part of the bigger picture that is SelfSabotage, to be released this September. As such, it encompasses part of the themes of the album: how we self-sabotage our own lives and how we can escape it. The album talks about love, life and relationships. “Lost in the Dead End” talks about a relationship between two people as it is part of a game: how one is bound to the rules of the other, while the former does not really care about them. One is trapped on the the hands of the other.

“Lost in the Dead End”‘s mood is similar to that of a ritual. The track begins with congas establishing the percussion section. Soon, they are joined by the guitar, the bass, the accordion. At first, each one of them seems to be independent from one another, only converging in certain moments. These instruments are essential to the single, as they serve as its harmonic basis and draw further attention to its ritualistic aspects by repeating a motif after each one of the verses. As the track progresses and new instruments are drawn into the mix, its intensity grows stronger and stronger, as if we were witnessing magic slowly but surely being manifested right in front of us, which reaches its peak with the simultaneous solos of the saxophone (played by Mood herself) and the accordion.

The key aspect of “Lost in the Dead End” is Valerie Mood’s vocal performance. Hypnotizing, yet soothing, her voice smoothly flows from one note to the other, harmonizing with the other instruments and her own voice. These dual vocal harmonies appear and disappear, giving a distinguishing touch to each of one the verses. Her vocal delivery further serves to fully tie up the mood of the single.

“Lost in the Dead End” is a hypnotizing single that enchants the listener with its atmosphere, lyrics and Valerie Mood’s voice. After the single ends, we are left questioning ourselves who is bound to whom: the two people from the relationship of the track, or us to the single. What we are sure, is that we are excited to hear more from Valerie Mood!

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