Lucrezia “Reaping What You Sow”

Lucrezia gives a warning to those who take advantage of others’ feelings in her R&B, flamenco-infused single ‘Reaping What You Sow’.

A young Italian born artist, Lucrezia uses her music to spread the messages she believes in. Her personality is present in all of her work, and her attitude of going straight to the point is part of her sound too, sensed through her lyrics and strong and confident beats, which come across as power moves aimed at those who she challenges with her music.

As she is based in London, Lucrezia blends both her heritage and the culture she is surrounded by, representing the duality of her life in her art. Her breathy and unique timbre is the highlight of her every song, though the instrumentals are never anything other than top-notch, with her staple sound being a neat mixture of R&B, soul, hip hop, pop, and trap plus the occasional addition to always her listeners on the edge of their seats. 

Reaping What You Sow, released on the sixth of August, 2021, tells the story of someone close to the artist, and Lucrezia is now using the power of her platform and talents to bring this situation to light in hopes of helping both her friend and those who might relate. 

For this single, Lucrezia brought elements associated with passion and strong emotions. With a deep flamenco, soul, and latin influence — with the Eastern elements being brought forth by the two writers and producers of Middle Eastern/caucasian descent,  Reaping What You Sow gives off a fierce energy, yet the classical piano that momentarily steals the spotlight gives the track a delicate feeling, hidden but not completely invisible. Just like even the strongest of predators and warriors have their weaknesses, that fragility hidden behind a thin veil is a reminder of the pain that caused the ire, disappointment and injustice Lucrezia sings about. 

As the track is based on a true story, the sincerity behind Lucrezia’s unfeigned words and velvety vocals is stronger than ever. The narrative is laced with hopelessness and sorrow, as feelings of sadness are inevitable in a situation where you’ve been left down or brokenhearted. Such is the case of the situation behind the single, which she explains in her press release.

Reaping What You Sow was written based off of a friend’s story” the artist states. “She had been going through a rough breakup and she had continuous breakdowns. I couldn’t really find a way to help her because, [as] we all know, the only person that can help you going through a breakup is yourself, so I thought of writing a song as if I was in her situation, so that she could listen to it and find some comfort in it and feel understood. I even sampled one of her voice notes to me, which I included in the intro of the track!”

Presenting a delicately crafted narrative, Lucrezia is able to give listeners the full story without actually describing the event that inspired it. Instead, the feelings left behind allow for the audience to create the scenario in their mind, which also gives everyone the freedom of seeing their own situations reflected in the lyrics and therefore creating a closer connection between the listener and the artist. This way, the story can be understood even by those who haven’t gone through a painful breakup, and they can still go to the song when they feel a different type of heartache caused by other situations. 

A song intended to help a friend overcome the pain has become a song that provides strength and support for people all over the world in need of it. Lucrezia shows her disposition to help other and her ability to bring forth real emotions in her work in the same single, making Reaping What You Sow even more memorable and adding yet another reason to the long list of why you should give both the song and artist a chance to become part of your music library.

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