Marie Dangerfield “Intentions”

It’s not a secret this bustling world is fast-paced and always on the move. It gets overwhelming very fast, leaving us needing a place and time to recollect. Today’s artist feels the same and has just released a song written to be the antidote for all that’s stressing us out.

This Australian artist loves to dance as much as she loves soulful funk and pop. Based in Sydney, Marie Dangerfield is a singer, songwriter and producer who channels all of what inspires her into music. Pulling lyrical influences from life itself, inspired by many different artists and adding little touches of eclectic sound from her deep interest in cultures, Marie creates funky music that is highly catchy, relevant and feels like a smooth fresh summery cocktail.

Her debut single “Right Now”, inspired by intoxicating state of being in love, is a warm dreamy song running on a never-ending stash of happy and joyful feelings of love. Essentially an anthem of summertime love, that one! That tune not the center of this blog, however.

Marie Dangerfield’s newest release is her second single, dropped on the slightly spooky date of Friday 13th. No fear, “Intentions” has no intentions to scare you, quite the contrary – it’s an invitation from the artist to the calming safe place and a chance to reconnect with your own feelings. Written to be a peaceful tropical rainforest where one can recollect and relax, this song does strike with a serene flow and positivity.

Her voice feels sweet and soothing, creating a sense of ease as synths and slow percussion weave a tranquil space, slowly easing into a state of trance. The lyrics are full of meditative vibes, a food for the mind. Especially this bit – “Understand the broken parts of your soul, embrace your scars, especially the ones in your heart”. For a person suffering from emotional pain, this song might be a godsend. It’s definitely a very lovely tune, grounding, yet flowing.

“Intentions” is a perfect song designed to lift your worries and give you time to rebuild yourself, it’s both a healing medicine and a good companion for simply chilling.

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