If you love good ol’ fashioned Rock and Roll you oughta stay and listen to today’s single. “Get Up!” Is the purest form of rock and roll itself; powerful, energetic, vibrant and with the best message: Get up, make a change within yourself and make good things happen. The vocals will make you thrill. Listen now to “Get Up!”.

Welcome back my beautiful melomaniacs! Today EchoVox, a five piece band from Huntington Beach, USA, will present to you their latest single out there, and the first song from their new album Get Up, Get Out There released last month. A garage/alternative rock effort that sheds a light into our deepest emotions. Be careful, it might get sweaty…

Nick Ayers (drums), Jen Howard (vocals), Jason Smith (bass), and Ramesh Berry (guitar) came together to create EchoVox, a rock band inspired by the heavy and classic sounds of Mötorhead, The Stooges, Foo Fighters and Failure. Nick and Ramesh started jamming with Jason in various projects in 2014 in Orange County, CA, and in 2015 they asked Jen to step in with her powerful voice.

Get Up!” is an invitation (and a reminder) for all of us to go out and achieve our goals using the right mindset. The bass in this one is super groovy and filled with rich and smooth melodic lines, guitars play the heavy hand along the drums, with a slick guitar solo at the end. But what stands out the most is Jen’s super heavy vocal performance. Just an amazing rock and roll delivery that’ll blow your mind.

The song was recorded at 4th Street Recording by Sejo Navajas and, as mentioned above, it’s the first song from EchoVox’s new album.

With this album we wanted to make sure that we had an album that expressed our ideas and feelings about those ideas.” Ramesh

Don’t waste more time and listen to the whole album and have a great day!

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