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Have you ever stopped to think or have you ever felt like there is someone who is constantly watching you? Not necessarily in a chilling or stalking way, rather getting into a more romantic mood; the same feeling you get when locking eyes with your newest pursuit. Such is the atmosphere Singer, Lou P Scarlett aims to transmit in her new single, Watching.

Set your reminder for the premiere of the video this Thursday August 19th

This pop track is the song equivalent of two people waiting to see who caves in and makes the first move. Despite the mutual attraction and both of them knowing the other’s intention, they still find pleasure in this teasing game of seeing who has the most confidence and who’ll be daring enough to blur the line that separates friendship from romance. Through a catchy and playful beat, Lou shows us her perspective of this sort of situation, taking us along to witness what could become a fun night, a proper romance, or even a what-if.

Lou takes control of both the metaphorical court and the song, making Watching be an intense and immensely thrilling experience that you can’t get enough of.

What captures my attention the most, and I might even dare to call it the most interesting aspect of her concept, is the implication of how she’s got several clones doing different activities all around, and that is another reason as to why she feels watch. I like how the song tries to tell a story in a fun way and with a very catchy rhythm, making use of its classic pop beatbut with several variations of sounds that make it stay fresh, such as toying around with the low tones in order to create a sensual feel.

I enjoy the vision that she show us because I believe it is a message of how, no matter how many versions of you there are, there will always be someone who likes the way you are, no matter what… subtle references to as an advanced tecnology concept to the show herself as a clone.

I honestly think that Lou will continue to surprise us with the her upcoming songs! I’m not quite sure what you’ll think about it, but for my part I can tell you that if you are looking for a song with a catchy rhythm, that has variations of sounds and is undeniably danceable, this is a great option. And can we talk about the fact that she is a songwriter, too? That’s an awesome display of her talent, which I hope readers can enjoy as much as I did.

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