Best Friend by Linda

One would never imagine that sometimes the best love lesson is given to us by someone who does not speak the same language if you would like to know what I mean, you have to listen to this song by Linda called Best Friend, which is for all those dogs that show us day by day their unconditional love and their loyalty.

I think there is no better answer to the question of: What do you think when you see your dog? Or how would you describe it? I assure you that this song says it all.

This pop ballad tells about all the times that these little ones have been there for us, in our worst and best days, then when we need a hand they will always give us their paw, and that despite all their antics, we love them the same, because that makes them special, that makes them our best friends. If we start to think or count all the qualities that our dogs have, maybe we would never finish, but Linda may capture and transmit some of them with this song, which is also accompanied by a very pleasant and calm melody.

It seems to me, not only a great song, but the fact that someone takes the time to write a song for their pets is something very sweet, because few songs are dedicated to them, and the fact that Linda has done it in such a beautiful and sincere way, already makes it a great success. Also, who said a best friend couldn´t be a dog? Not for nothing does the phrase exist “the dog is man´s best friend”, it´s never “just a dog”, they are our true best friend.

And if you don’t even have a pet, just by listening to the song you know that Linda wrote it saying nothing but the truth, because the moment you listen to the lyrics, you know who is it. But if you have a dog, I seriously recommend that you listen to it by its side, play the song, look at your dog and let the lyrics and the melody reach your heart as well as mine.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do and also invite you to see her video; I assure you it will bring out a smile.

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