Filiah “In a Haunted House”

Learning to trust again after being emotionally scarred from a past relationship is hard. Letting go of the ghosts in the past and gaining hope for the better future takes bravery, and this new single I’m about the introduce is all about these feelings. A delightful little song to remind of your strengths!

The person behind this gentle voice you’re about to hear is Filiah, a lady artist adept at channeling her feelings and thoughts into what becomes some of the most emotive indie folk music. Lyrics gaining strength from her love for word plays tell stories around themes pulled from life itself, the instrumental backdrop adding a wonderful atmosphere and supporting her pure and magical vocals. Acoustic guitar that accompanies the singer is as soft and full of emotion as the singer’s voice itself. While her voice sounds splendid on electronic music, the songs featuring only her and the guitar feel close to loner folk – vulnerable and loaded with so many emotions to dissect and understand, but so beautiful.

Her newest single is “In a Haunted House“, released suitably on Friday 13. It’s not a spook story though, instead it’s a delightful story of letting go of ghosts from the past and opening up for the good coming from the future. This song feels light from the beginning with gentle strings joining in with the guitar. Her voice, layered around edges, feels warm as she looks back on the past, and then onwards to carry on. After what has been a traumatic relationship, it is hard to trust again, but it’s the bravest thing one can do, and this song holds the sentiment like a bright gem.

This single is the last one to be released before the imminent arrival of Filiah’s concept album “For Someone”, a release about all things close to heart. Exploring the themes of love, grief, heartbreak, sentimental feelings and more, the artist’s own experiences about all so heavy, and so light are turned into songs that also feel so heavy and sound so delicate. Reflective and quiet, strong and most definitely an album to look forward to!

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