The Routine – “Under the circumstances”

Perfectly made alternative rock that sounds just the way you want it. “Under The Circumstances” gives a taste of The Routine‘s newly developed sound. Crips, warm and hard hitting, this EP will touch your heart with its heart-spoken lyrics and flawless composition.

Well, hello there! If you like well-made garage/alt rock with a hint of grunge, this EP is for you! Inspired by Foo Fighters, Bush and Feeder, these fine Cambridge gentlemen came together to create a 6 piece work of art that will leave you wishing for more. The Routine, created by previous members of popular Cambridge band The Abstracts present:

The Routine was formed out of the ashes of a band called Lunar Echoes, which found itself disbanded in 2019 due to musical differences. Ben Taylor (Lead guitar, backing vocals), Ben Nunn (Bass, backing vocals) and Mark Thomson (Drums/samples) were on the lookout for a new singer and put out an advert on Join My Band. Liam Palmer (Lead singer, rhythm guitar), formerly of The Royals U.K responded to the add that was put out for a Singer/Songwriter and a few weeks later, the group met up in a rehearsal room in Soham. After a few hours jamming and an obvious instant chemistry, Liam was part of the band!

“Under The Circumstances” was given its name as it was created in the midst of the pandemic. By now we all know all the difficulties that this presented: Meetings via Zoom calls, many months of file sharing, and writing online without actually being able to meet in a rehearsal room together. Despite all that, and as music demands it, the EP was done.

The EP starts with “Too Many Times“, a rock song that truly slams with its heavy drums and powerful bass. Mean guitars open things up with a ravaging advance, and a total explosion of sound floods the ears as Liam sings his verses. Quick and to the point, this song means business.

‘Too Many Times’ was essentially born out having an anger and frustration from being stuck in a dead-end situation for a long time. I guess there was also a feeling at the time of conception, there was also a lack of open avenues to openly express how I was feeling towards both individuals and the overall situation.

We then move to “Do It For You“, opening with a groovy guitar lick that quickly turns into yet another wall of sound full of power and energy. The chorus strikes hard and with substance, with Ben’s backing vocals supporting on the sides. A dynamic play of guitars give “Do It For You” an emotional ride that will get stuck in your head.

Come Knocking at My Bedroom Door” starts softly, speaking about love and making a move about it. Emotional, with a vocal style that reminds me of Myles Kennedy in the chorus, which by the way sounds huge! Mellow melodies for a mellow song.

Then we move to “Rest“, which opens up with anticipating guitar strums and a soft organ bed only to explode into a chorus of epic proportions! What I think stands out the most is the final bridge and chorus with its hard-hitting drums and anthemic vocals, you better not miss it!!

Part Of Me” opens with an hypnotic guitar strumming and Liam’s on point vocals. After an immersive chorus that feels like catharsis, the song returns to its mellow state, only to return to the energy of its chorus. By this point we can clearly hear the Foo Fighters influence in Liam’s singing!

Last but not least, “Take Me Back, Tuck Me In” closes everything up with an acoustic delivery of romantic love and nostalgia. What a perfect ending for such a sweet ride… Glad you stayed!

We are incredibly proud of the outcome of this record and are really pleased to finally share it with everyone.” – The Routine.

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