Aaron Spencer “Incredible”

We’re glad to announce that Liverpool, United Kingdom-based singer-songwriter Aaron Spencer has an upcoming track to be released this Friday, entitled “Incredible.” And you ca pre-save it here.

A proud Cumbrian, Aaron Spencer is based in Liverpool as he pursues his dream of a music career. Spencer launched himself as a solo musician in 2020 with the successful release of his debut “Sticky Dancefloor,” as well as with the follow up singles “Flower” and “Where Are You Now?” Spencer has been featured on This Feeling’s “Best New Bands” Spotify playlist as well as receiving praise from CLOUT, Reyt Good Magazine (RGM), Tongue Tied Magazine, Come Here Floyd, Indie Buddie, Nexus Music Blog and Xune Mag.

Aaron Spencer is one to watch on the live scene, as he is gearing up for The Boof Festival on the 13th of August, headlining a show at Jimmy’s in Liverpool on the 24th of November, and playing a support slot at Danny Mahon’s Manchester gig at Gulliver’s on the 10th of December.

Spencer’s latest single, “Incredible,” is an imaginative story crafted after a night out in his hometown of Whitehaven. Explaining the inspiration behind the track, Spencer writes:

‘Incredible’ is a song that was crafted after a night out in Whitehaven. I had one of those nights out where I felt like I had seen it all before, the club DJ was playing the same set and I was seeing all the usual faces. Going home, said to myself there’s got to be more to this and more to life, surely.

I had this idea wondering if there was a girl who lived miles away who thought like me and understood life as I know it. It started off being a song about escaping the small town in which I lived, as more lyrics were written it developed into a story about a long-distance romance.

The song on the most part is impersonal, but I can see where an amalgamation of experiences have come together to write this song.

Describing some of these experiences that shaped the lyrics for “Incredible,” Spencer says:

‘Recall the night we met, we compared heroes and sparks flew’ was a reference to someone I met at a festival, we had similar music heroes and felt aligned on a lot of things.

‘Board that virgin train’ is a reference to wanting to get away from my town. I would go to Manchester regularly for nights out and gigs, it was always escapism for me.

When you go to other cities, you meet people and more than likely they live miles away from you. When you connect and keep in touch, its pretty easy to imagine a story like ‘Incredible.’

Musically, “Incredible” is a creative left turn for Spencer, and it’s surprising for the right reasons; as he explains, “It’s such a contrast to the rest of my releases. It was clear that this song had a softer feel, it was less raw and more romantic. As a result, we got really creative in the studio.” The song’s sound may be different, but Spencer’s catchy choruses and northern charm are ever present in “Incredible.” Layered percussion gives the song a Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” vibe and the tremolo guitars provide a dreamy backdrop for a neatly crafted song.

For first-time listeners, Spencer says, “If someone is new to my music, expect guitar crunch, story telling lyrics and Northern-English charm. I write songs about where I’m from, holding a mirror up to the grittiness of reality. I take inspiration from life experiences, social commentary, and glad-it-happened heartbreaks. Strokes and Arctic Monkeys are big influences and two bands my style gets commonly compared to.

“Incredible” begins with a bright acoustic guitar melody, sustained by deep bass notes and the dynamic polyrhythms of the percussion. Spencer’s thoughtful lyrics soon join in, complementing the guitar melodies quite well and adding further to the track’s mellow, dreamlike feel; while during the wonderfully catchy choruses, clean-toned electric guitar chords highlight the vocals rather nicely. “Incredible” is quite an enjoyable listen, and I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock and indie rock/pop alike.

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