Josh Collins “Lemonade”

We’re glad to announce that London, United Kingdom-based singer-songwriter Josh Collins has release a new single, entitled “Lemonade”

Josh Collins hails from London, and as a singer-songwriter he has already received momentous support from BBC Introducing, BBC Radio 6 and Soho Radio. Following the success of the release of his debut EP Porky Pies, Collins has taken the opportunity to explore his sound and influences, whilst making a name for himself on the live music scene in London.

Performing at venues such as Ronnie Scott’s, Servant Jazz Quarters and The Troubadour, Josh Collins displays the honesty and rawness of his lyrics to an attentive audience whilst intertwining relatable humour and stories about the struggles of a man in his mid-twenties.

“Lemonade” is a bedroom pop, summer anthem written and produced by Josh Collins. The music video encapsulates the familiar feeling of nostalgia & longing for past summers, whilst challenging this sentiment with our natural, lazy instinct to favour comfort – even when the opportunity calls.

The lyrics suggest that on a hot summer’s day, there’s nothing better than a “tall glass of Lemonade.” Yet as the video progresses and the feeling of FOMO builds for our protagonist, this doesn’t quite hit the spot in the same vein.

Directed & produced by Tom Precey (TEEPEE FILMS), the film was shot over the course of a year at a number of locations. Throughout he creates a juxtaposition between the dark, stuffy, uncomfortable bungalow setting to the bright, fun outside (normality) with the use of stylised lighting and mixed media. The use of Hi8 cameras for the outside world in particular offers the viewer a greater sense of nostalgia. As Josh (almost like a dream) watches normality – the more he regrets his decision to shy away.

Describing the songwriting process and inspiration behind “Lemonade,” Collins writes:

Lemonade was written by my friend (Lawrence Tatler) and I. We were jamming during one of the first few lockdown’s in London 2020 and he had this riff that just caught my attention. I then conjured up some lyrics that had a feel good factor to them.

I had been in Thailand a few weeks before to travel south east asia however I had to return due to Covid-19. I was gutted however I remember writing lyrics out there about how I was constantly chasing some shade and wanting lemonade (which rhymed). Then when I got back to London and started writing music, there was an irony between the life I was looking to live then to how we were all living presently. ‘I close my eyes and feel the sun on my skin’ relates to me pining over Thailand beaches and wanting to be there.

I produced and engineered this record and I’m very proud of it. I think it’s the start of something beautiful and demonstrates my capabilities as a musician, songwriter, producer and engineer.

“Lemonade” immediately draws the listener in with a creatively dynamic yet pleasantly relaxed acoustic guitar melody, which creates a summery mood. Collins’ impressive guitar playing is complemented nicely by his laidback vocals and witty, introspective lyrics, which engage the listener from beginning to end while adding further to the track’s balmy atmosphere.

“Lemonade” is quite an enjoyable listen, indeed highlighting Collins’ brilliant songwriting and musicianship as well as his excellent skills as a producer and engineer; I would highly recommend this track to fans of bedroom pop and acoustic singer-songwriter music alike.   

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