Noralyn “Fiction Borders”

I saw silver roses on today’s artist’s Spotify banner. After getting the first glimpse of her voice, I’m pulled into using silver-based phrases in describing her vocals – they’re clear and shimmery, transparent like the stream of truth and definitely a gift. Speaking of truth, her newest song is all about the search for what’s right in your heart!

Noralyn, the Australian alt-pop artist is back once again. Classically trained and owning a stunningly powerful silver-coated voice, Noralyn’s music follows the edge between reality and magic. Her love for imaginative songcraft and creative lyricism blooms in her music along with the instrumentals noticably bold and layered. The piano is her faithful partner creating a delicate duet between the gentle melodies and her emotive voice, and the songs the two of them sing can be both very quiet and emotional, or soar straight to the sky at unimaginable speeds.

Her newest freshly-landed release is a single called “Fiction Borders“, the third and final single to come from Noralyn’s upcoming album. The first two singles were the popping and flooding “Education” reflecting on the skill of living, and a considerably more introspective “One of the Few“, laced with sounds of magic as it observes the rope pulling between the desire for a trusting relationship, and staying cautious and protective of oneself. Both of the existing tracks own quite contrasting moods, promising for the album to be quite an immersive listen. Well, here’s the third single to further prove that thought is right!

Beginning quietly with a piano melody, “Fiction Borders” grows to show just how skilled vocalist Noralyn is, effortless at singing every note. I can definitely see why people think of Kate Bush. That same effortless feel eases in to become the driving force behind the song’s theme – search for the truth and let it set you free. The emotional silence at the beginning of the journey soon disappears as the song grows up speed and height, turning into an anthem, a celebration of truth and the added confidence on the journey. In short, it becomes insanely powerful.

“Fiction Borders” will nudge you to take on the search for truth yourself, and stop believing everything that’s pushed at you by the world. And if you’re loving what you hear, her discography is full of amazing sounds, as will the upcoming release!

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