Fia Nyxx “Still Love You”

Beloved Hollywood glamster Fia Nyxx begins the start of a new era with the melancholic and inspiring ‘Still Love You’.

Garnished in beauty and elegance with a rockstar twist, industry veteran Fia Nyxx is a natural artist who embraces and takes a theatrical approach with her music while still maintaining her southern jazz influences, courtesy of her hometown. 

Over her time as an artist, Fia has moved past her once popstar image to become someone who brilliantly mixes several clashing genres, though once you’ve listened to her music it’ll feel as though those sounds were always meant to be together. On top of her melodic sound, she incorporates her storytelling techniques with her larger-than-life performances to create an unforgettable experience out of the briefest of feelings or thoughts. 

After her career as part of the girl group She, Fia Nyxx debuted as a solo artist in 2018 with the album “Everything Girl”, and three years later she is ready to present her forthcoming sophomore album “Red Umbrella”, with Still Love You being its first single. 

Still Love You shows the most romantic and dedicated side of Fia, presenting a version of her who’s risen from the ashes of her previous defeats more than ready to not commit the mistake of fearing loss of failure once again. She explains how the song was made during one of her emotional lows, as well as the strength it’s provided her down the line. 

“I wrote Still Love You at a time of uncertainty, as I was entering a new relationship that seemed almost too good to be true. I realized that I was living from a mindset of lack and fear as I waited for something bad to happen, for my world to come crashing down… and it did.”

“How often do we do this? I know for myself, it’s been more than once in my life. And it was at that moment that I vowed to change that part of my story. From then on I would approach everything, every relationship, every glorious moment in life with the utmost love, unafraid of what might happen down the road. Love is love is love! Every human being on this planet is living in search of love.. love in a partner, love for their lives and their dreams, love in a family, a community, and love for themselves. There is beauty in loving fearlessly, and even every heartbreak has a glorious side… thus I bring you, Still Love You.”

Fia Nyxx has made the choice of sharing her stories with the world, knowing that the world shares these stories with her too, and feeling understood might be just what one needs most of the time. As she unites herself to people through her music, the artist hopes to bring joy and hope to the soundtrack of their lives. 

Being someone who strongly believes in embracing life and every aspect of it, Fia faces challenges head on, treasures the knowledge she’s gained from them, and celebrates the positive moments as much as she can. People who decide to follow her on the journey of life will gradually adopt her mentality of living life at the fullest and trying your best without letting fear or insecurities win over you. 

To be able to charm and help people begin to move past their worries in the matter of four minutes, Fia Nyxx is one of a kind.

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