Gentle, Ghosts – “How I’ll Break Your Heart”

An album that centers on how we are able to self-sabotage our relationships. A story that unfolds gradually but with a clear ending. Made with the heart, “How I’ll Break Your Heart” will make you wonder on all that was and could’ve been, with an indie alt-rock vibe to soothe your senses while at it. Listen now to Gentle, Ghosts new album: “How I’ll Break Your Heart”.

Welcome back, beautiful people from around the globe. I hope you’re doing great, safe and sound. I have today Gentle, Ghosts, an indie/alt rock band from Bristol celebrates the release of their debut album available right now on Bandcamp and due out on August 23th on major platforms. Inspired by the Teenage Fanclub, Waxahatchee, Wilco and Taylor Swift, these fellas have created a 10 song album that represents the many paths a relationship takes before arriving to its bitter end. And how we take A LOT of part in its downfall!!

The album, just like relationships, is filled with bittersweet contrasts that create a mix you can’t be missing on. There’s a lot to cover, so lets get started!

Kicking off with “How I’ll Break Your Heart”, the album presents its mellow vibe and already acknowledges that you’re gonna mess things up. A lot of country vibes here, really fat snare and big bouncy bass with a lot of acoustic guitars.

Then we have “You’ll Never Find Out”, with an obscure bass line that reminds me of The Cure and a chorus with a very haunting melody. In Gentle, Ghosts’ own words: “How did that happen? You’ve fallen for a friend and you’ve got no clue how to tell them. So instead of being a grown-up and admitting your feelings you let the emotion fester inside.” Gulp!!…

“Kiss Me Like A Comedian” turns the good vibes up a bit with its upbeat tempo and piano chords, this one reminds me a bit of Counting Crows, I dig it! This song refers to when “You’re in the midst of the joys of new love, complete with the worries they’ll see through your thinly veiled confidence, the slight concern that they’re hiding something too.”

Next we have “A Ghost in Every Kiss” and as I was listening I was thinking, “this might be my favorite song of the album!“. A soft, romantic ballad-style song with beautiful arrangements of guitars, pianos and synths. “- Oh crap, it’s all going well. Now what? You’re not used to this feeling. Surely your insecurities and past mistakes are going to come back to haunt you?

“Do You Wanna Get Drunk Sometime?” also has beautiful guitar arrangements and a very mellow vibe. The theme for the song is: “Can you be a white man in love with a woman of colour and still be racist? Yes. So I guess it’s time to face up to that fact.” Ups!…

“Spellcasting” speaks of, you guessed it! The spell-casting someone can have on you. “– Ever woken up and wondered why you’re in that relationship? Is it at all it’s supposed to be? Are they all you thought they were?

“Bitter Eyes” slows down the pace a bit with its laid back drums and softly strung guitars. “– A lot has been said. A lot still hangs unsaid. It’s all over. Isn’t it?

“Balconies” opens up with what seems like a soft metallic drone quickly accompanied next by a guitar arpeggio, skipping drums and big organ pad. “– The calm after the storm. You both know it’s over, you just need to make the ending official. Only it’s a pandemic, and neither of you can leave the house.

Approaching to the album’s end comes “Insides Out”, which speaks of how fragile we can be inside. “- That moment of realisation that hits you shortly after the end of a relationship, when you realise you’re not the nice guy you thought you were.”

We reach the end of the album with an acoustic interpretation and cover of LCD Soundsystem’s “Someone Great”, where Gentle, Ghosts wonders: “– Do you look back with regret, with fondness, with both?

We encourage you to listen to this album completely, I promise it’ll be worth your while. The band has already recorded most of their second album, which, they say, follows a similar path but with added distortion pedals and the clear influence of Springsteen, The Replacements and The Hold Steady. That should be out at the start of 2022, with an EP before that.

With no further ado, I wish you well and say, till next time!

“As film critic, Mark Kermode, is known for saying “Everything will be alright in the end and, if it isn’t alright, it’s not the end.” – Gentle, Ghosts

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