Top 10 No. 7 Top 100 Songs 2021 Major Bummer!- “On the Moon”

Today’s featured single takes us all the way up into space. “On The Moon” is the debut single from New York-based duo Major Bummer!. Coming straight from the duo’s debut EP Growing Up, the single is an extremely calm alt-rock track that makes us feel as if we were floating in space, letting inercia carry us far away as we think about of those we have left behind.

Great Debut Single that you can’t miss it!!!

Major Bummer! is made up of singer-songwriter Cara Ronzetti and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Brian Bibb. Even though they both grew up in Miami, Florida, only a couple of miles apart of each other, they met for the first time in New York City in 2019, During Bibb’s first night in the city. Soon, they discovered their creative potential while writing their first songs in pizza boxes and construction paper taped to walls. Growing Up and “On the Moon” was recorded in Happy Camper Studios y Nashville, Tennessee, mixed by Carter Vail and mastered by Koa Ho. Major Bummer! decided to take inspiration to the playful recording approach of producers Tony Berg and Shawn Everett in their work in the albums of Phoebe Bridgers and Alabama Shakes, respectively. Essentially, they played around with everything they had at their disposition, letting their imagination fly. As a result, we are left with sounds, tones, harmonies and vocals that seem to be coming from another world.

“On the Moon” is a multilayered track. One will always find something interesting when focusing on the instrumentals or the vocals. For example, one may notice how the electric instruments (guitars, drum machines and the synths) peacefully interact with the analogue instruments (acoustic guitars, woodwinds and the xylophones). Each one of them expand what the other level proposes. With each listen, we notice something we hadn’t heard before. In a similar manner, Ronzetti’s voice sings to us from different layers. We hear in the foreground the main melodic phrases with her extremely soothing, emotional and calm voice, while in the background we hear her voice reciting lyrics through what seems to be a radio. This harmonic/melodic approach with vocals and instrumental help creates a sensation of spatiality in which we feel lost, perfectly capturing the message that the lyrics convey.

Growing Up themes cover exactly what the title says it does: growing up. “On the Moon” focuses specifically on relationships. Using the metaphor of space, Major Bummer sings about those relationships that do not really work out. Instead of resentment, “On the Moon”‘s message is one of moving on: “It’s far away, I know/ but at least it’s not with you”. It is about enjoying ourselves without being tied to our past.

Major Bummer!’s debut is a perfectly crafted, calm and emotional single. They are able to create a very calming song, all while allowing us to think how we relate to each other in a metaphorical and existencial ways.”On the Moon” proves that the duo is without a doubt a force to be reckoned with.

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