Salt House Lavish lush cosmic edge in “Do Not Follow Them”

A small trip into cosmic realms meets the energy of mystery and danger with the side of sparking cool. Today’s song by Salt House Lavish comes loaded with both and more in the form of a solid electronic tune, crafted by an artist most keen on experimenting with sound. It’s a part of his new album, which is also out today, so read on to learn more about the artist and his new music!

A chef and a long-time musician, today’s artist is professionally called Salt House Lavish, a British composer, producer, and engineer. He’s played music for years and has been a member of many bands, including Lazybirds and Boulevard Lounge. Plans and ideas to start his own solo project naturally started sprouting a while ago until 2019 when it grew its first fruit. His sound is a tasteful blend of electronica, steady in flow and splendid in execution. You could easily find some true nighttime listening pleasures in his discography.

“Salt House Lavish is a solo instrumentalist and producer and having worked in the industry for over 30 years I’m trying to do things on my own, no labels, no management, just Lavish and Salty all the way. And being a chef i understand the importance of salt and lavish taste lol.”

Today, Salt House Lavish has released his new album “Fraternise Collaborate“, a strong collection of vibeful tunes with a lush cosmic edge. Deep low end, wide atmosphere, beautiful vocals echoing through the vastness and catchy beats, there is a lot to get lost into, and I may have got lost in it already. There is a commercial hint to the release as the artist has suggested, but it still remains original and explorative, and oh-so flourishing in its many forms.


The song I’m about to introduce, “Do Not Follow Them” sits last in the album’s tracklist, featuring some dangerous energy to end this journey. Long shimmering synth notes flow through the song as the percussion evolves slowly but steadily, building itself up with new nuances as the song progresses. The echoing atmosphere is then joined by bold and fearless female vocals, reminding me of gun-wielding women who seem to be crazy, but in reality are smarter than most. Now trip-hop-esque, the beats bring in a smoky sound in this bottomless shimmer before the song eases into beatless floating nothingness.

“Well this track started out with me sampling some piano from bill evans, from the miles davis kind of blue album. ive been messing around with the freeze guitar pedal on the guitar for a while, it basically freezes a moment of time and plays continuously. so i made a synth with some frozen moments of bill evans piano. after that i found some great vocal samples i had laying around and put them together with some real bass and some kick ass drums.

The whole of the album due out in august is me making theme songs for imaginary tv shows, some which would be dramas or horror style and then silly sitcoms. I always put some live guitar and bass into all my songs, but sometimes ill put loads of effects on them to create totally new sounds or turn them to midi so i can control synth instruments. All my music has been quite experimental but this album is me doing something a bit different and more commercial.”

I can imagine this song being in a thriller movie, it sounds luxurious and very much lethal, yet soft and kind of cosmic. Distorted lens into the world of money and sports cars, but the events do not take place on Earth. A curious set of moods meet in this song, and in addition to getting my imagination wild, it’s a pleasure to listen to.

I really recommend the album, it has some splendid tunes, earcandy for anyone who digs bass-heavy electronica with great beats and incredible vocals!

Salt House Lavish Do Not Follow Them

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