Selina Laubert “Pieces Of My Life”

We’re glad to announce that Joensuu, Finland-based solo artist Selina Laubert has released a new single, entitled “Pieces Of My Life.”

Finnish born artist Selina Laubert’s songs bring lyrically driven, melancholic rock soundscapes. Her songs are deeply rooted in her life experiences and wake emotions through storytelling. Musically, Selina brings her own spin to rock and metal music, which mixes her soft but powerful, classically influenced vocals with slightly heavier instrumentation.

Selina started writing her own songs as a way to cope with feelings springing from being bullied for years and the impact it had on her life. With her music, she wants to stand against bullying.

Selina’s new single, “Pieces Of My Life,” expresses her feelings surrounding a move to a brand new place where she knew no one and the existential crisis concluding from it. Describing the inspiration behind the track, Selina writes:

I wrote the song while having a slight existential crisis about who I was supposed to be now that I was away from everyone and everything I had grown up with. I had lived the first 20 years of my life in the same place surrounded by the same people and then moved to London to attend university.

Whereas in my home city everyone would have some presumptions about everyone else based on the common acquaintances they had (and due to the size of the city there was always at least one) I didn’t know anyone in London. Without even noticing I had based my thoughts about myself around what other people thought about me and now that none of those people were around I started to question which of my thoughts were actually mine and which I had just adapted to mirror others expectations.

I started to feel really unattached. The place I lived in London didn’t feel like a home to me, but after moving out neither did my parents house. I felt like I didn’t have anything to base myself around anymore and I had to figure out where I belong in this world.

For me, the best way to figure myself out is through music, whether it has been through listening to songs I find relatable or by writing one myself. In general my songs are born through me wanting to express my feelings in a way that makes them into something beautiful, and that can hopefully help someone else in a similar situation to not feel so alone, like so many other songs have helped me.

For first-time listeners, Selina says, “My songs are all based around emotion and there will be heavy focus on the lyrics. I love contrasting harsher elements in the instrumental to softer vocals and there will be some high notes.

Selina Laubert’s debut single is also accompanied by a great music video set to be released on August 26th and you can’t miss it.

“Pieces Of My Life” begins with a somber and reflective piano melody, as clean-toned guitar notes add further to the tracks’ contemplative mood and underscore Selina’s airy vocal melodies quite well. A distorted electric guitar joins in during the track’s memorable choruses and during the later bridges and verses, its sustained chords and melodies adding a heavy dynamic to the track while juxtaposing rather nicely with the soft-sung, classically inspired vocals. The result is a beautifully melancholic soundscape that engages the listener from beginning to end.

“Pieces Of My Life” is a highly impressive debut and quite an enjoyable listen, demonstrating Selina Laubert’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of alternative rock, as well as to fans of artists such as The Dresden Dolls and Anchoress alike.

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