This song will flood your ears with nostalgia in a beautiful way, remembering friends and relationships that touched your heart. Time doesn’t wait for no one, but maybe tonight we can “Just Wait“. Smooth indie/hip-hop from Melbourne, Australia.

Well, hello there! Let me just say that I found myself listening to this song on a loop with a lump in the throat as it calls back so many memories. Australia has always so many talented artists to discover, and today 22 yo artist, Yargii, will help us through the night/day with his new single.

Yorgii feels inspired by artists such as Lil Skies, Madlib and Lil Tracy. He wrote this single during a hotel stay after getting into some trouble. Missing the loved ones that used to be present, Yargii knew he was at a bad place and he needed to make a change. He wrote this song wishing people and life would wait, but everything changes and time waits for no one.

“I felt like things were going too quick, with life, friendships, relationships, work, and I just wished I had some extra time, and I’m sure a lot of people feel the same, the ethos behind the song is slowing down and being happy in the moment.” – Yargii

The song starts with acoustic guitar strums and Yargii’s vocal melodies, creating a mellow into quickly followed by the drumbeat and the artist’s heartfelt lyrics. The chorus seems to be sung by a woman but I can’t really tell, maybe it’s Yargii himself. Anyway’s it’s contagious. The subtle auto-tune on Yargii’s vocals really finish to give the song that trap feeling, although I don’t think this is a trap song at all!

This song is a mix between an odd relationship I had with an old best friend, and just slowing down and living. It all disappeared to nothing so quickly it really made me think about how quick things really do fly by.” – Yargii

The beat was produced by producer wetgropes. He and Yargii worked really hard to give Yargii’s songs and lyrics the twist they needed, and you can tell. Yargii says he makes music as an outlet meaning that one week he could make a pop song, and the other something completely different.

“I don’t really care about creating an image based on one sound, I’m just having fun with it. but I do hope my lyricism is able to bring some people peace.” – Yargii

Here’s some insight into “Just Wait” brought to us by Yargii himself:

“I had just been arrested for multiple charges and was homeless staying in a hotel. There was nothing in the hotel apart from old antiques and white walls so I just sat reflecting for a long time before I recorded the song on the little mic setup I had brought with me.

Everything was going so fast and I wished it would wait and let me catch up.

So I thought I’d write a letter to the world, given it is a way to express myself and hopefully get some hope out there in a bit of a dire time for everyone with the way of the world at the moment. I want each person to listen to this song as if they’re the writer and in this situation themselves, not just the listener.” – Yargii

If you’re into this kind of songs I’m sure you’ll love it. So be quick to listen and follow Yargii everywhere! Cheers!

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