Bellavolent- Holding It Down

Just as there are phrases said by exemplary people that inspire us to raise awareness, there are also songs that motivate us to change, that when we listening to them make us feel different emotions, and it is just what Bellavolent expresses to us in this song called Holding it Down.

Most of us have goals in our lives even if sometimes we do not know well where to go or what awaits us in the future, what matters is to hold tight to them. Also, I like the idea that in her video, she integrated fragments of moments that have happened in the world where people come out to be heard, where our world is seen and how we can improve it.

It’s a song that whether you listen to it (in the car, your home, the shower, etc) it will fill you with an empowering vibe, as well it´s like when you are on Pinterest and you want to change your room or your outfits because you see photos that inspire you to do it, that same thing happens with this song, you get the emotion of whether you want to make a change in your life, a change for better, or simply to hold your goals and dreams firm without anyone getting in the way, know that you are stronger than you think and hold it down. Because also the rhythm it has is coupled with the intention of the lyrics, a slow melody but with that little beat that drives you to move.

Listening to the song and watching the video I couldn´t help thinking of Gandhi´s phrase that says “you must be the change you wish to see in the world”, because the message it gives seems similar to me, only that is sung by a great artist. So if you give yourself 5 minutes to listen to it, I assure you that something is going to move inside.

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