Jasmine Golden “Sweet Perfection”

Floating in the pastel-colored cloud of first love, today’s debut single is all about love. And thus with the new sounds, it’s time to introduce a brand new artist!

This is Jasmine Golden, a new and upcoming Australian singer and multi-instrumentalist. She spent her childhood on the south coast with her mother and recently moved over to Sydney to study in the Conservatorium of Music. Along with that, to also pursue her artist career. She’s influenced by artists like Boy Pablo and Rex Orange County, and pulling lyrical inspirations from her life, notably the love interests encountered, Golden crafts a poppy indie sound. Sweet little girl vocals and heartfelt honesty flow thoughout her music.

Jasmine Golden’s debut single saw first light not too long ago. Titled “Sweet Perfection“, it’s a love story encapsulating all the fluttery warm feelings that surround the person in love. Featuring tasty trumpet melodies, the song feels like a celebration slowly growing into a festival of love, and that is taken even further by the “I wanna call you!” chanting at the end of the song. Her voice, lovely and innocent, give off an adorable vibe as she speaks of love and hope. Hope that the love will develop further, and that the sweet perfection never goes away.

Cute, youthful and loaded with chill indie pop vibes, “Sweet Perfection” is both a perfect contender for the song of summer, and a sweet memory of falling in love and feeling the flutter in your chest whenever that special someone appeared outside.

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