Audreal Gillett “Dance With My Ego”

Audreal Gillett has a moment of vulnerability, open to exposing their fragility and true thoughts, in the laid back, lo-fi indie track ‘Dance With My Ego’.

Born in San Diego, California and now residing in Oregon, Audreal Gillett is as independent as an artist can get, writing, recording, and producing all their music on their own. Since they began releasing their music in 2020, Audreal has been focusing on composing genuine and relaxing music; the sort that blends seamlessly with the environment, making itself feel at home in the listener’s heart and mind in an effortless manner.

With the second single of the year being released near the end of August, on Friday the 20th,  this singer-songwriter keeps speaking from the heart as they create more bonds with new listeners.

Dance With My Ego was recorded in Audreal’s room in Portland, Oregon, created around the time of a romance ending with the mindset that someone might need to hear this form of comfort, too.

Born out of a deeply personal experience, Dance With My Ego is Audreal’s artistic interpretation of those moments, deep into an argument you wish you weren’t having, where one’s ego comes out, perhaps even overshadowing rationality and the desire to end things in a positive note. In a moment of high tension and stress such as the one described, parts of ourselves we might keep hidden or not know well enough will take over, and that is a feeling Audreal understands and delves deep into in their newest single. 

Specifically, the song focuses on their relationships, or rather the anxiety and fears they experience while being in one. Audreal states that her music is meant to evoke raw emotions in the listener, as they are something all human beings have experienced at some point. She recognizes people’s — as well as her own flaws and does not allow them to define them, emphasizing that growing past these tendencies and emotions is a journey worth going through.  

Throughout the song, Audreal’s vocals feel somewhat covered or holding back, acting as a representation of what staying calm and not letting your ego get the best of you during a fight might feel like. The effort of not caving in is accentuated by the weight of each deeper note, as well as the ad libs in the background. 

This way, Dance With My Ego contains both opposing feelings that grow inside of Audreal, acknowledging the battle of overcoming their fears and becoming a better person, in order to be a better partner in the future as well. The song is painfully human in every sense, and it causes a strong feeling of belonging that can only be shared between those who are ready to open up.  

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