Catching arrows – “Locked In”

Locked In” is an indie/rock single that will captivate you with its powerful vocals, gritty guitars and witty drum beat. An ode to all the frustration of being isolated, with a hopeful message in the end. Listen now to the new single by Catching Arrows.

A four pice band from Boston with an urge to rock, even if isolation is demanded! Out of the classrooms and into the zoom calls, this four young musicians couldn’t wait for quarantine to end and get back to creating music together.

Unfortunately, there was just no end to the boring zoom classes and the distance felt between them and their loved ones. What to do!? In an effort to continue to pursuit their dreams and keeping their goals in mind, Catching Arrows created a song via Zoom calls only!

Locked In” speaks of the frustration of not being able to go out and meet people. A desire to escape the walls around them and return to living normally as they did in the past. Writing this single was not an easy task, as the band struggled between back and forth meetings to come to a consensus of how the song should go. Besides, the band didn’t really know how the song was going to sound live due to the inability to align the instrumentals while on a Zoom call!

But the magic started to happen when they had a brainstorm on dumping down their emotions of the isolation they were experiencing. This is when the lyrics really started to come to life. And to speak about rehearsals, they decided to have some outdoor practices at the lead singer’s home and warmed their hands on the fire pits! They also practiced in her pool house which was still cold since temps were 30 degrees. Once the song was ready to go, they had to prepare for going into the studio, and in a six hour session they recorded all vocals and instruments at Zippah Studios in Brighton, MA.

This is a case of a group of friends never quitting even with all the odds stocked against them. Since venues opened back up they have done 20 shows and have many more to go. Their song feedback has been great and they are proud to have captured their emotions and history of the pandemic experience.

In its first day and a half of release, the song attracted over 20 playlists and over 2,000 streams.

“Shadows follow all around” is one visual lyric in the double chorus at the end, that paints a picture of the solitude that existed, as they felt alone with only their shadows present. You also really feel the frustrations, anger, and the reality of the situation in the bridge…

So waste no more time and give a listen to what these young kids have to offer. A demonstration of what a strong team and a clear mind can do in times of adversity…

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