Gebrüder Manns “Embrace Your Pain”

We’re glad to announce that Berlin, Germany-based metal band Gebrüder Manns have released their latest single, entitled “Embrace Your Pain.”

Gebrüder Manns were formed in 1996, and at the time they were called Cup C; as an all-female band, they were a welcome exception to the overwhelmingly male-dominated world of music. The band reunited in 2016, with the three original band members Marie Nielsen (vocals), Karin Schroeder (bass) and founding member Annika Manns (guitar) later working together with Berlin-based drummer Sabine Ahlbrecht (Nervous Germans, Scheisskind) beginning in 2018.

Musically, Gebrüder Manns’ sound is a throwback to the late ‘90s–a time when nu metal, crossover and rap were popular, and sometimes coexisted within the same songs (the band cites Rage Against The Machine, Korn, and Limp Bizkit as influences).

Gebrüder Manns’ newest single, “Embrace Your Pain,” begins with heavy-yet-groovy electric guitar riffs, driven by the powerful, dynamic rhythms of the bass and drums. True to the band’s influences, the sound of “Embrace Your Pain,” will bring to mind ‘90s nu metal. Nielsen’s commanding vocals soon join in, strongly evoking the rap metal sound of Rage Against the Machine, while complementing the guitar riffs and bass lines quite well.

“Embrace Your Pain” abounds with pure, in-your-face energy that reveals the band’s impressive musicianship and will have listeners nodding (or shouting) along with the lyrics. The track is also a testament to Gebrüder Manns’ brilliant songwriting, which while rooted in the classic ‘90s metal sound, brings a unique voice to the modern metal scene at the same time that they draw inspiration from the past. “Embrace Your Pain” is quite an enjoyable listen throughout, and I would highly recommend this track to fans of nu metal, rap metal, and metalcore alike.

“Embrace Your Pain” is also accompanied by a great music video, which you can check out here:

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