KatyRuth “3 Years”

KatyRuth makes her debut an unforgettable “fuck you” letter to the man she was with ‘3 Years’.

Not eNot everyone has the confidence to tell someone off in their first track, so the fact that she even has the guts to do so always makes her different from others from that same community and places a bigger interest on her and her work. KatyRuth is a young adult with a passion for music who’s entering new phases of her life during the first half of her twenties, and she’s decided to immortalize her past and future progress with her newly begun music career.

Her single 3 Years was recorded and produced with the help of Nexus Studio.

Instead of being a song about her ex, 3 Year is a track one that focuses on the changes KatyRuth has been through since the breakup, with the lyrics even working as an element that ensures listeners will know how she has been since then and focus more on her personality and side of the story than on any unimportant background character that was once part of her life. 

The pain a boy made her go through is now behind her, yet she’s taken the time to take a walk down memory lane, and this has resulted in feeling pleased over where her decisions have taken her in life. The beat of the song, truly youthful and contagious, is one of the many proofs of KatyRuth’s joy, with her playful vocals, the interlude, and the lyrics helping reflect her emotions. 

“I wrote this song when I was dwelling on my past mistakes,” KatyRuth begins. “So I started to scroll through instagram to distract myself, that’s when I saw a meme that read, “Remember that guy you never that you get over.” And that’s when I instantly thought of the person who broke my heart into a million little pieces. That’s when I remembered the person that had me so depressed, I had to go to therapy. And for the first time in a long time, I smiled because I honestly hadn’t thought of that person in forever. Three years to be exact and I was like “I must write a song about this!”.”

The laughter heard in the interlude of the song is a case of an unplanned element who added life and even more attitude to the track. Showcasing the genuine relief felt regarding her independence, especially after calling her exlover a joke (my personal favorite part), tells listeners that KatyRuth will always be honest about her emotions, as well as proving how personal the song is for her. 

With her formal debut, KatyRuth is opening up to a world she had never experienced in such a way. From a consumer to a vendor, from someone who shares her opinion on a product to the one putting her heart into something others will perceive and hopefully enjoy, KatyRuth is stepping into the music scene with the right track; Showing her strong and colorful personality right from the beginning will help bring those who either identify with or feel empowered by the message of the song.

KatyRuth uses music to tell stories about her past and present, her life being the source for the song you’ll love so much you’ll have to add to your playlist. Listeners will be able to feel close to the artist as they continue to meet her in each new project! 

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