Avresa “Patience (Delta Variant)”

We’re glad to announce that Sydney, Australia-based solo artist Avresa has released a new single, entitled “Patience (Delta Variant).”

Let’s rewind to March 2020, what feels like a different lifetime ago now…

As Coronavirus spread throughout the world, the mass media seized the opportunity to spread fear and anxiety, much like any other news day. But this was different and unlike anything we had seen before. Real life was starting to resemble a dystopian science fiction movie. The media had a responsibility to inform and help people come together to achieve a common goal. Rather, they explicitly spurred on the public to panic buy. Sensational headlines led to acts of violence and racism. Within no time at all, people became selfish and impatient.

Australian Sydney-based songwriter, guitarist and pianist Jeremy hoped to provide some light entertainment during a stressful time by writing a tongue-in-cheek satire of the media’s depiction of Coronavirus. After spending way too long anxiously watching daily press conferences and news updates, the lyrics for “Patience” essentially wrote themselves. The track was entirely recorded at home and self-produced during lockdown. About the inspiration behind “Patience,” Jeremy writes:

With this song I wanted to recreate the feeling of being completely overwhelmed by the excessive amount of depressing information being fed to us constantly via the mass media about the pandemic. When Covid first hit, I heard and read the same sensational headlines so many times over that it was easy enough to reformat the words into something poetic and satirical. The lyrics were written very quickly in one or two days because there was so much content and insane things going on to draw from. In particular, politicians and leaders were consistently repeating the word ‘patience.’ I heard it several times in every news update so that word in particular really was a standout for me.  I knew the song needed to have a fast, almost punk-rock pace and be quite busy to recreate that feeling of being completely overwhelmed.

Fast forward to June 2021 when the Delta Variant again locked down several major cities in Australia, with the tightest restrictions ever seen in the history of the country. Despite the world looking so different since the beginning of the pandemic, the lyrics in “Patience” are uncannily now more relevant than before. After massive anti-lockdown protests in Sydney and Melbourne turned violent, Jeremy was compelled to revisit and create an alternative version of the song to express to Australians (and other countries still locked down) that patience, kindness and empathy were the path forward – not hate, fear or violent protests.

The question as to how we should be dealing with the situation in Australia right now is a topic dividing the nation. We’re all running out of patience now, and I’ve certainly heard from a number of Covid deniers and anti-vaxxers since I’ve put the song out there. But I think they’ve missed the point that this is really a satire of the media. The track and the accompanying video is designed to be humorous and its biggest hope is to provide some light through the darkness. I hope people will listen to the song and realise they need to start tuning out of what the media is telling them and starting tuning into their own common sense,” says Jeremy.

“Patience” is part of Jeremy’s larger collection of music titled Perspective. If anything good comes out of this unsettling time we are currently living through, it will give us all a new perspective – on ourselves, each other, the world we live in and the way we live.

“Patience (Delta Variant)” is also accompanied by a compelling music video, which you can check out here:

“Patience (Delta Variant)” opens with a refreshingly creative guitar melody, while the drums and vocals soon join in, complementing the rhythms of the guitar quite well. The track’s catchy and memorable choruses are nicely underscored by the bass, as well as by backing vocals and piano, and they remind listeners that we need to be patient and act kindly towards one another during the pandemic. While the lyrics and message of this track are especially relevant to current times, “Patience (Delta Variant)” is also quite an enjoyable listen, reflecting Avresa’s innovative songwriting and excellent musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock and indie pop alike.

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