CATALYSTS “You Got No Soul”

We’re glad to announce that South Wales, United Kingdom-based rock band CATALYSTS have released a new single, entitled “You Got No Soul.”

Living in the present, flip and reverse, freedom to choose and turning ideas upside down is the ultimate form of expression. CATALYSTS view everyday life, a myriad of subjects and relationships, giving us an extraordinary alternative view by tearing up the blueprint.

CATALYSTS are David Challenger (vocals), Craig O’Connor (guitar), Haitham Alharden (drums), Paul Own (bass), and Elliot Blake (guitar).  With a succession of single releases, including the incredible “Ultimate Warrior III,” “The Otherside,” and the radio-slammer “Sylvia” (which you can read our review for here), they continue to deliver with their brand-new single “You Got No Soul,” released on 23rd August 2021 on all major streaming platforms.

The new single is picking up airplay across the UK, including plays on Amazing Radio; and it has already been played on Kerrang FM. “This is an exciting period; we’ve loved being able to release the first six singles on our own terms which has given us the opportunity to reach as many people as possible. There is a buzz to get back into the studio with our new ideas and NEW MUSIC, that we hope will push the band’s sound further than ever before,” the band says.

CATALYSTS’s songs begin with an idea but never end the same way. It’s a continual process, with each member blending ideas and shaping the song toward the right direction. They go through several incarnations, and the stories find their way through the band’s innovative sound. “You’re always a slave to the song. You don’t just try and squeeze a solo in, you push the boundaries until it all comes together. We adopt a fearless approach when it comes to exploring new sounds, creating the spark and energy that is CATALYST,” the band writes.

CATALYSTS are ready to tear up the blueprint, both through their music and high-octane live performances; an explosion of audio/visual creativity, this could be the most exciting time for us to experience this band first-hand.

CATALYSTS’ latest single, “You Got No Soul,” begins with a distorted electric guitar riff and distant percussion, creating a heavy yet energetic atmosphere that is soon amplified as the deep rhythms of the bass join in. The production is exceptionally clean and powerful throughout the track; and the vocals are equally impressive, adding quite nicely to the raw energy of the distorted chords and lead guitar lines during the choruses, as well as to the rhythm guitar chugging and clean-toned guitar notes during the verses. “You Got No Soul” is quite an enjoyable listen, once again demonstrating CATALYSTS’ brilliant songwriting and excellent musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie rock and hard rock alike.

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