Jennifer Juliette “Columns”

Emotional, pure and loaded with melodies so pretty they will still sound after the song ended, this single I’m about to introduce has all of those qualities and more. A great new song by a rising artist, read on to learn more!

This is Jennifer Juliette, a classically trained pianist and singer originally Welsh and now based in Berlin. Music has been a part of her since early childhood when the little artist started singing and playing piano at local churches. Studies in music followed naturally in the Royal School of Music, and by now she has performed in prestigious venues, worked in orchestras and lead an international women’s choir raising money for the homeless until covid came and said no to live performances.

Inspired by pop music and influenced by her classical training as well as her roots, Jennifer’s music reaches larger than life scale with her powerful pure voice. Her music could easily be a great score for a big movie with the polished emotive instrumental blending pop production and symphonic elements, and that beautiful singing voice. Definitely a treat for anyone looking for pop ballads and potent new artists – because Jennifer Juliette is certainly not one to miss!

Today, Jennifer is ready to release her fourth single “Columns“, a piano-driven anthemic ballad part of the EP Anchor. Beginning with a lush dark piano melody that carries the mood, the song is loaded with stormy emotions so strong that leaves get blown far away. That gets interlaced with gentle parts where her voice caresses the emotionally scarred, before soaring high again like an eagle, a representation of the strong emotions overflowing in us sometimes.

Written as a reminder that the strongest of us can break under the constant load of stress and distrust, “Columns” is a warning to take care of yourself and a companion to those lost and alone. Heavy and epic together with soft and quiet, it’s a song inspiring to pour out those huge emotions, for it makes us feel lighter and see the light after.

Jennifer Juliette has plans for releasing her debut EP as well in near future. Quite a lot of excitement for those of you loving what you’ve been hearing, so follow her for more! 🙂

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