Aykiyah ft. Jhune LA “runaway”

Aykiyah, with the help of Jhune LA, presents two detailed perspectives into the same relationship in her single, ‘runaway’

The Los Angeles based rookie artist has come back with her fifth single only three months after her debut, which was achieved through the release of her mini EP which contains the two singles ‘ain’t got time’ and ‘replace u’. In the span of less than a hundred days, she’s continued to share parts of herself through her releases, solidifying her presence in the music industry as well as the rest of her career.

From the age of nine, when she formed a connection with music, to her present self at twenty years of age, Aykiyah has defined her artistic identity and sound, leaning towards R&B beats, especially its beloved funky basses, that contain pop-influenced melodies. 

runway is, as previously stated, a collaboration with the talented Jhune LA, who helps add new colors to Aykiyah’s discography with his refined deeper vocals.

Coming from a heart that’s been broken and let down at different points in her life, runaway uses Aykiyah’s fair share of heartbreaks to show how an unlucky or painful past in the romantic field might affect one in the future. Although she’s not given up, she’s now more than conscious about how vulnerable one is during a relationship, and that lingering fear of things not working out is one that might never go away.

In her song, Aykiyah tries to understand her feelings regarding being in a relationship, as well as her stance within the relationship. While she keeps digging deep and attempting to understand her situation, the listener accompanies her on her rollercoaster of emotions, and it is only near the end of the song that one realizes Aykiyah’s story is not the only one being told.

When Jhune LA’s verse begins, the story gains a new layer of complexity. The addition of a feature reminds the listener of how, no matter what, there will always be two different stories of a relationship, as the two involved in the situation will perceive and process events in their own way. 

The song, being one that symbolizes her emotional turmoil, required real effort and time, and the artist confirms so when asked about her opinion on the track.

“Runaway is my favorite song I’ve written,” she mentions. “It’s really tested who I am artistically and personally while I bleed on the page and show my vulnerable side. I wrote this song in 25 minutes and it makes me so proud to listen back. I know the dedication to this record shows through, and I’m excited to see how the public receives it.”

The song keeps its passionate and amorous theme by including reggaeton beats, and the rhythm and pace help highlight the intensity and depth of both party’s emotions. Both the lyrics and instrumental on their own manage to communicate the story, and together they help strengthen the narrative given by both artists, creating a more effective immersion. 

By portraying a healthy balance in different elements, such as storytelling, the song becomes an experience where the listener can interact by picking a side and forming their own opinion on the situation. 

Without needing to mention Aykiyah’s many other talents, just this fact alone makes the song worth a couple of listens. Now, if this pushes readers to give her other music a chance, they will discover that runaway is just a drop in an ocean of creativity and immersion.

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