The Figurants – “Lint-Trap Ghost”

Lint-Trap Ghost” tells the story of a time traveller who accidentally overstayed his trip and returned… 40 years later! An indie/lofi rock tune that’ll make you think twice before you build that time machine! Listen now to “The Figurants” new single.

Well, hello there Peter! (if you know, you know). Today we have a very special single sent to us by a band from Shoreline, US: The Figurants. A song that, in words of its creator, was made as an attempt to deal with the feelings of failure as a father. Influenced by bands like Wilco, The Flaming Lips, Pavement, Guided by Voices and Silver Jews, this song has sonic elements that you might be able to recognize.

While the song does have a narrative and plot, it’s also largely about my feelings of failure
as a father that I think every dad goes through at some point. There are just instances where you let down your children (even in minor or dumb ways) so this song was a way of working through these intermittent feelings I often experience. Sometimes everyone does stuff that’s so dumb or thoughtless, it’s shocking, me included.
” – The Figurants

In the lyrics, a weary traveler returns home 40 years later (even if his time trip only lasted 20 minutes) and has to face the wrath of a wife and a daughter that thought they’d been abandoned by him so long ago.

You know I don’t have the words you need
You’ve been gone so long I doubt I’d even recognize your sneeze
You don’t know which way the lint trap goes
Last time we saw your face, we were still hanging up our clothes

Its is also the first song made by the artist than includes claps as an almost lead instrument, which is wildly exciting to him. The song was produced by the band’s drummer, Erik, who by the way did an outstanding job at portraying the song’s emotions.

What can be expected from The Figurants? Well, they have revealed to us that every song they write is part of a larger, stand-alone narrative called “Implied Sunsets”.

“In some way or another most Figurants songs take place in the universe created in “Implied Sunsets” so if you listen to the entire catalogue, you’ll hear different elements of this story. So, you should expect to find a heavy emphasis on the lyrics, if this is your bag.

Expect some goofy songs, some serious songs, and a whole lot of rockers as I tend to go more towards the more energy in the songwriting process.

We also encourage you to take a listen to their latest album “Indoor Words” released
shortly before COVID.

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