Drew Tachine “Goodnight Peak”

I recently introduced an artist who had just released his debut single, giving us a taste of his mellow sonic worlds. The single was “There’s a Flower Growing Out of My Telephone” and the artist, Drew Tachine, is back today with a new release!

Born to have a strong musician inkling with drums being his first instrument, Drew Tachine is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles. Playing with other artists and taking part in bands since forever, Drew is keen on collaborating with musicians whenever there is a chance. At the same time, he also started diving into his own inner world turned into music under his own name. A kind of musical spiritual garden, his sound is calming, layered and quite exactly what is needed after a busy day full of intrusive thoughts.

The artist did give a hint his debut EP is going to drop very soon, and here it is – “Goodnight Peak“, home to 4 tracks including the single mentioned earlier. Written as an outlet for the artist’s restless mind, it’s an album running on the threads of that specific kind of loneliness that falls upon you as you’re awake at night and everyone else is asleep. Nocturnal minds, even when surrounded by silence, are not quiet.

“Blue” begins the album with soft rhythmic guitar melody. A sense of longing walks through the warm and cozy atmosphere, stargazing in search for truth, rush of emotions coming in with the drums. That is followed by the silky, quiet and gentle single track, “There’s a Flower Growing Out of My Telephone” channeling the thoughts and feelings around the failing attention span and resulting numbness. The bubbling watery low-end in this one captures off-guard.

The echoing sounds of “Rose, Bud and Thorn” take in next. The stuffed feeling is omnipresent, distorted emotions repeating themselves through the mind. Short shimmery melodic parts come in to unravel the unease, like a short burst of feeling telling all is fine. The last track on the EP is “Strangers”, a distinctively rhythmic song with a strong folk vibe housing the gentlest vocals that kind of make me want to hug the artist. Pure, simple and heartfelt, vulnerable yet strong in its presence.

The EP is a short and delightful journey into the depth of your own emotions, sounding like the nights the artist has spent awake. Soothing and understanding music for all of us night-owls sometimes getting trapped in our own thoughts.

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