NEW SINGLE RELEASED – Friday 27th August 2021

A genre-hopping footstomper with a message!

Visions is a song of apocalyptic optimism, written as a reaction to the yearning for a better life caused by social isolation, anxieties and uncertainty about the future. Written by Jack during a personal identity crisis, realising that things in his life could be better than they were. As well as being a personal song, the message of Visions goes beyond the individual and echoes out to a wider picture of needing societal change. In a time of constant government failures we all yearn for better lives in the hopes that a brighter future is on the horizon even when the world is at it’s darkest, Visions is a song of hope”.

Visions‘ effortlessly glides between genres and eras – it sounds like a song that you have heard before many years ago – but it’s simultaneously uncategorizable. To have created something this experimental and catchy is quite some feat. The chorus will be stuck in your head long after you’ve stopped listening to this debut single by Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders!

Recorded at Whitewood Studios, Liverpool by Danny Woodward (BC Camplight) and mastered by Pete Maher (U2). All parts and instruments were performed by Jack Wakeman apart from Drums (Joe Wood) and Backing vocals (Beth Read/ Sam Hulme).

Jack delivers a breathy, dreamy vocal performance over the top of this 80’s tinged, disco-indie number. Every time I play this song, I can visualize Jack and his band playing live on Top Of The Pops in 1985! The interlude in the song is quite Beatlesesque, perhaps even a bit ‘proggy’. The bands instruments seem to have a lot of elasticity and bounce – it’s a song you can have a bit of a dance to, or footstomp to! It’s a party starter!

Visions is the debut single release from Glasgow based experimental pop/ indie rock band Jack Wakeman & The Dreamstriders who formed at the start of 2021 after Jack relocated from Manchester after an 8 year career as a session bassist playing with members of New Order and The Fall plus BC Camplight, Ethan & The Reformation, Granfalloon and Gabriel’s Wish.

My best attempt at trying to describe what this song sounds like would be for you to imagine Crowded House and Culture Club getting together in the studio with The War On Drugs and Tame Impala. An eclectic creation from those studio sessions might sound something like ‘Visions’! Songs like this really don’t need ‘pigeon-holing though – they can just be enjoyed for what they are and this is a glorious romp through the decades that hops under, over and inbetween genres. “Visions’ is a bit of an oddity – but it’s definitely worth your listening time.

Having completed his first set of studio recordings Jack moved to Glasgow to form the first band under his own name and after recruiting four local musicians Jack’s material is brought to a live audience with the help of his backing band The Dreamstriders: Callum Edwards (Drums), Callum Shanks (Electric Guitar), Charlotte Newman (Acoustic Guitar/ Backing Vocals) and Marianne Leizzle (Keyboards/ Backing vocals).

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