MADZEN, “Home”

August 27, 2021

My much appreciated music enthusiasts, the time has finally come for a new single release from Mexican producer/artist MADZEN!! If you are yet not familiar with his music, feel free to check out our review of his previous single, “I CHOOSE (REMIX)”; otherwise, let’s discuss his latest voyage into electronic downtempo music!

Home” opens up with warm Afro-Cuban percussions, inviting us to connect with our bodies and inner worlds; these rhythmic impressions give place to a primal state of being, to ancient impressions. Evocative synths soon emerge in classic downtempo fashion, as multifaceted tones of dawn flaring into unknown valleys and oceans. Joys and sorrows merge into ever richer meanings and challenges; the simplicity and poetry in the lyrics goes really nicely with the ethnic feel of the track.

In this release, MADZEN takes his intense visions of sound into a calm, heartfelt prayer. His vocal delivery is purposeful and gentle, his production and mastering as neat as ever. These elements, blending Latin American sounds and the influence from producers/DJ’s Monolink and Shkoon, result in a track that simultaneously incites to dance and to reflect, to experience gratefulness and contentment… quite a feat!!

“Home is my way to commemorate my roots and my birthplace. It’s also a song crafted for all of my good friends currently living abroad and that I know miss their country very much. It’s kind of a gift to them.” – MadZen


Through his awareness and connection to the elements of nature, MADZEN celebrates his appreciation for the landscapes and emotions that arise from belonging to a nourishing place and groups of people, which definitely represent the feeling of being at home. This universal human experience is here portrayed with his characteristic genius for spontaneous transitions, organic melodies and colorful electronic waves… you really don’t want to miss on this healing dance of the spirit!!

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