NEW SINGLE – Friday 27th August 2021

Re-imagined rock for the disenchanted…

‘Slide’ is about the search for meaning, our origins and our destinies. Topics that occupy us all every day.
But it goes one step further and describes the feeling of losing sight of the essential in this process.
Suddenly thoughts become a load and you carry a burden with you.

This song will have you hooked right from the beginning – an excellent drum intro sets the scene before the song diffuses into a modern day rock anthem for the disenchanted. The vocals are impassioned and earnest and this 4 minute debut single is edgy, electric and energetic. Weak Tyrant have the potential to be a voice for a new generation and they are a band you can expect to see on many a line-up for new-rock music festivals in the future.

I would highly recommend this single to any fans of Anberlin or Thirty Seconds To Mars. The vocals and certain elements of ‘Slide’ also recall Jimmy Eat World at their most accessible and mid-career Idlewild. This is a song driven by crisp melodic lines and crashing guitars – it’s the sound of an accomplished set of musicians releasing their emotions and frustrations via the medium of music. It’s a single with an anthemic feel and a song that benefits from increased volume. Weak Tyrant are a band that need to be heard on the big stage. ‘Slide’ is a very promising debut indeed – we should expect big things from these 5 guys.

All musicians are/were active in other swiss metal / hardcore / stoner projects (including Posthumanbigbang, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Horace, Hot Running Blood) and now find themselves in a new musical genre. The vocals are mainly clean and the riffs are kept more melodic. Nevertheless, emotions break through and intensity comes first – it’s simply in a different musical language.

More inside info. about the song ‘Slide’…

Flo from Weak Tyrant started to write and record songs at home in 2017. “Slide” was one of the first songs he has ever written. In this song he has processed autobiographical topics about decisions that have to be made again and again in everyday life. The singer has often found himself delaying a decision because of all the back and forth. This condition can be grueling and become an unbearable burden.

In 2018, the band was formed and the song was practiced for the first time in the rehearsal room. The group fell apart again due to other projects. One year later, Flo put together the current constellation. In early 2020, the band would have been ready to play first concerts. Because of Covid-19 they decided to record the first 4 songs in the studio.

Now the first single release is ready for August 27, 2021. The music of Weak Tyrant should be authentic and honest. The songs were basically designed and composed by Flo. But every musician brought his own style into the arrangement. Stylistically the music differs from the other projects of the band members.

The genre of Weak Tyrant can be described with styles like indie rock, pop punk or even emo. The band wants to reach with their music listeners who feel addressed by the harmonies and who like melancholic and emotional moods.

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