Bones in Butter-“So Alone”

Today’s featured track is “So Alone”, which comes once again from none other than Serbian band Bones in Butter! Previously featured in this blog with  “Littlewing”“Sad Girl”  and “They Live!”, their latest track is a neopunk chant that sarcastically reflects on topics such as power and opression. “So Alone” offers a dark, yet comedic, atmosphere while offering social commentary that is revelant today more than ever.

Bones in Butter is a collective effort that met online during the 2020 era lockdown. It is made up of Milutin Krasevic in charge of writing the lyrics and music, vocals, synths and sampling; Luna Skopelja in charge of backing vocals and FX; Todor Zivkovic in the guitars, Srdjan Popov in the bass, as well as in charge of the mixing and mastering of the track; Dima Faustov in the clarinet; and Marcelo Effori at the drums. “So Alone” is the fifth track of their album Songs for a Sane Society.

The track, as well as al of Bones in Butter’s previous work, bases itself heavily on social commentary. “So Alone” is about power, oppression, and punishment. It tells the tale of a tyrant who has lost everything and is soon to be forgotten. They are finally facing punishment for their own deeds. The vocals take the form of a chant that is mocking the tyrant. They are simple, yet straight to the point, with a childlike manner in their lyrics, direct delivery and even rhyme structure. Thus, “So Alone” seems to be a nursery rhyme sang decades after the fall of the tyrant, celebrating their fall from grace: “Wherever you may go/ there’s no one who will follow/ you are so alone, now”; “The sun is up, the birds are back/ oh yes! We are so glad!/ But you are so alone, now”.

The music of “So Alone” seems dark at first glance. The instrumentation and approach is certainly unexpected. The constant bass and drums on the background are tie up the diverse interventions from the other instruments. The guitars, backing vocals, effects are given an echo effect that makes each of their appearances seem magical, specially in the bridge about halfway through the track. The music makes the listeners almost feel as if we were assisting a ritual sacrifice. The colision between the childlike lyrics and dark music creates a strange atmosphere which emphasize the social commentary’s dark humor: It makes it seem as if the tyrant is being sacrified by those that he oppressed in the past.

Bones in Butter is a band that can offer variety. All of the tracks featured in this blog are extremely different from one another (which we invite you to also check out). The band has proven that they are not afraid of experimenting and changing their sound. The constant of their tracks is social commentary approached in a sarcastic way. “So Alone” is another success on their album Songs for a Sane Society. If we can expect one more thing from Bones in Butter, is that they are unexpected!

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