BB.Green “Blink Of An Eye”

We’re glad to announce that Manchester, United Kingdom-based indie artist BB.Green has released a new single, entitled “Blink of an Eye.”

BB.Green is the solo project of Ben Peacock, a drummer who grew up in and currently lives in Manchester–one of our planet’s music capitals. This has influenced Ben to write and record music, and he was initially inspired to play drums after watching John Bonham perform “Moby Dick” at Royal Albert Hall on television. Ben has since toured with Bez from The Mondays, as well as performing with his band The Marivaux; and after hundreds of memorable gigs with various bands across the world, he’s making waves with his debut single.

A combination of sadly losing his musical mentor, his band breaking up, and his long-term relationship ending all had a profound effect on Ben, inspiring him to pick up guitar and start his own musical project. BB.Green focuses on “emotionally charged, melodic indie-pop songs with a Mancunian twist,” which feature meaningful lyrics and catchy choruses, as well as a drumming lead singer!  

Describing the inspiration behind his debut single, “Blink of an Eye,” BB.Green says:

A bittersweet story, looking back on a long term relationship, before it broke down, with the fondest of memories. Although I knew that it was the right decision to make, I still couldn’t help but think of her. An emotional track that truly comes from the heart.

I like to think of this one as my first ‘proper’ song.. written with the intention of pitching to the band I played drums for at the time, but weeks after that band come to end too! It was almost as if this song was always meant to be performed by myself!

“Blink of an Eye” is also accompanied by a great music video, which you can check out here:

“Blink of an Eye” begins with a reflective acoustic guitar melody and subtle piano notes, which underscore BB.Green’s soft-sung vocals and the track’s thoughtful lyrics quite well. A reverb-laden electric guitar later adds to the track’s contemplative, dreamy sound as the deep bass and dynamic rhythms of the drums join in, blending rather nicely with the acoustic guitar strumming. “Blink of an Eye” is an impressive debut for BB.Green and quite an enjoyable listen, highlighting his inspired songwriting and brilliant musicianship. I would highly recommend this track to fans of indie pop and indie rock alike.

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