Gifts From Crows “The Unimaginable Brightness of Summer”

Summer. For most it’s beach parties, summer cocktails and sunscreen. This song I’m about to introduce leaves aside those elements and brings forth the beautiful side coming from the blossoming nature, the weather, little creatures thriving in the warmth, and the feeling it all awakens in us. Read on to learn more about the absolute piano masterpiece and the composer!

Gifts From Crows is a musical project of Richard Laurence, a neoclassical composer creating worlds out of his piano intertwined with a slew of influences from electronica to post-rock. Inspired by stories of crows, ravens and other species from the corvid family bringing gifts to people who have earned their trust, Gifts From Crows became the name of Laurence’s alias. The music itself brings similar vibes of mystery, natural calmness and depth with delicately laid-out piano melodies, string arrangements and that sweet endless atmosphere. Stories of everything that has fascinated the artist put into music with a magical presence.

This Friday saw the release of the newest single of Gifts From Crows, a title reflecting on the vibrant energy of summer – “The Unimaginable Brightness of Summer“. It begins like an early summer morning with warm rays of sun beaming through the fog, then reaches for the clear warmth as vocals swirl through. The kind of summer you experience far away from cities, in the depth of nature where everything grows and matures.

Piano, the backbone of this song as well as all the others, is one of most special kind for the artist, as he explains:

It starts with an ancient upright piano, 140 years old passed down from generation to generation. It stood in the front room when we were children and I would sit on the music stool slowly caressing the keys whilst my foot permanently pressed the piano’s sustain pedal, letting its rich sound envelop me – my own private cathedral.

A few years ago the same piano found its way back to me and, although I hadn’t played for years, the muscle memory of scales and chords almost instantly re-awakened and the magical patterns of self-made music were once again filling the rooms of our house.

All Gifts From Crows music is composed at this piano. It can no longer be tuned to concert pitch, the soundboard is cracked and its brass frame creaks when the pedals are pressed but, within these imperfections there is real beauty to be found and the connection to my ancestors is a constant source of inspiration.

Richard Lawrence (Gifts From Crows)

“The Unimaginable Brightness of Summer” is an emotive song capturing the wonderful feeling warm summer days bring along. It is captivating to the highest degree, and at the same time the song shows just how easily the feeling can disappear into the air as the season passes.

This song will be part of 12 new compositions the artist has created, soon to be brought together in the second album of Gifts From Crows. Every song I’ve laid my ears upon tells a story in most vibrant colors, and I’m certain the upcoming release will be breathtaking. Just as much as the inspiration for it, the seasonal magnificence taking place in nature.

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