Quantum “Rise”

We’re glad to announce that Zurich, Switzerland-based metal/electro band Quantum have released a new single, entitled “Rise.”

Quantum are all about emotions, and their sound–energetic, limitless, and raw–cannot be pigeonholed into a single genre. That’s a good thing, because precisely herein lies their strength; Quantum combine musical styles from electro to metal to hip hop, and strive to create the most captivating, unforgettable experience for the listener.

Quantum have the ambition to turn the metal world upside down and catapult it into the 21st century, and it is from this ambition that grew their vision to create a movement for the celebration of life, with a continuous story across different touchpoints. The band have already had their first successes at the SPH Music Masters with 3rd place out of 100 participating acts. Not content to rest on their laurels, and encouraged by their supporters, Quantum are moving forward step by step.

“Rise” is the second of five singles to be released by Quantum in 2021. The track perfectly propels the wave of music that the band unleashed in June, ultimately succeeding in bringing metal into the 21st century; you won’t get the melodies of “Rise” out of your head. Quantum prove to listeners that metal and drum&bass are not mutually exclusive genres, and that they can work synergistically together.

Lyrically, “Rise” is a song of new beginnings, encouragement, and willpower. The song asks listeners, “Who if not I should change something about my situation? Who if not we should work for a diverse, sustainable and inclusive society?” Elaborating on the meaning behind the track, the band writes, “Rise is a song about new beginnings. It’s about having the courage to let the old things in the past and move on. ‘Happiness is what matters most, I know the day will come when I’ll be king.’ In life it’s never really about how good you are. Honestly it’s about endurance. Those who have the stamina and will to keep on will be successful. Do everything to fulfill your dreams. Dream big. Be happy.

For first-time listeners, the band says, “People who have never heard about us have to be prepared because QUANTUM is not just music, it’s an emotion. QUANTUM is a little bit of happiness, a bit madness, a bit craziness, a bit love, a bit hate. And we try to spread this throughout our songs. Our songs have everything in it from metal to edm dnb pop rap. We want to turn the whole metalscene upside down and present metal as something positive to the mainstream.

“Rise” is also accompanied by a great music video, which you can check out here:

“Rise” is introduced by a stirring piano melody and a vocal sample from a speech, before a distorted guitar riff joins in and takes the track in a far heavier direction. A buzzy synth adds an electronic dimension to the track’s sound, while the dynamic rhythms of the bass and drums soon join in along with the lyrics, driving the track’s catchy melodies and vocal passages, which explore an impressive diversity of musical styles along the way. “Rise” is quite an enjoyable listen, demonstrating Quantum’s brilliant songwriting and superb musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of melodic metal, metalcore, and electro alike.

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