22 Oceans “Drifting”

The electronic trio 22 Oceans make people connect through a song about ‘Drifting’ apart from loved ones.

Originally a music project created by Mike Guy with the plan of creating beats and then featuring guest vocalists, the solo artist 22 Oceans became a band after the addition of talented vocalist sisters Carys and Keely Hughes, making the merging of synthpop beats with the duo’s angelic harmonies permanent.

Together, the three members bring serene — occasionally — synthwave, but mostly synthpop electronic tunes  accompanied by soft vocals and delicate, perfectly intertwined harmonies that work as a mirror to the deep connection shared between the sisters.

Drifting, released on the last day of August, is a song about a connection that seems to be damaged by the space  and growth between two people.

Based on first impressions the single might seem to focus on the realization and regret of someone moving on and away from you, lingering in the memories of a past where things were not the same. It is easy to submerge yourself in a more bittersweet romantic interpretation of the story, believing it to be about two people who perhaps, did not want to say goodbye. However, the true meaning of the lyrics couldn’t not be further from this.

Instead, Drifting is a song about reflecting on an unhealthy period in your life, and realizing you’re much better in the present, on your own and having learned from the unpleasant experiences. A song about standing up for yourself, and letting go of the negative thoughts (and influences) that weigh you down.

The beginning line “Wish I could take back all those days that I​​” is not implying remorse over letting go, but rather expressing how they wished that period of time had never happened at all. Those moments of pain and bullying did help to impulse growth and maturity, but there is still some anger over the mere fact that those experiences ever happened in the first place. 

In the end, despite the bittersweetness of the melody and the melancholy it seems to carry, Drifting is in actuality a positive song, as it represents entering a new stage of life with a healthier mindset. 

The idea for the song was brought forth by the Hughes sisters, who upon thinking about it ran to record a demo featuring live singing and their piano skills. The brief demo, recorded on an iPhone, has now become a full song that encourages growth and self-improvement. It is a song that acknowledges the listeners’ pain and suggests using those events to become a better person, and never become one who hurts others the same way you’ve been hurt. 

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