Ama Jane “Paper Castles”

Who hasn’t been too crude on themselves over the fear of making a mistake? I sure have been, and so has today’s artist, whose newest single is reflecting on the person she once used to be. It’s a song full of heart and not only is it such a lovely meaningful song, it’s also a banger!

Ama Jane, hailing from the UK, is one of the fearless genre-blending artists. Taking only what’s the best from the worlds of bubblegum pop and grunge rock, this artist efftorlessly joins them to create a sparkling and energizing sound. Her voice is both like a youthful punk ready to wreak havoc, yet at the same time she can sounds so gentle and emotional. Bubbly sounds swirl through the immersive soundscapes with no dull moment to be found. Growling headphone-vibrating grungy elements offer a sense of danger like a tiger. Lots of badass vibes and a lot of fluttery magical melodies too!

Just recently Ama Jane released her newest single titled “Paper Castles“. It’s a story built around the artist talking to the girl she once was, a budging artist still searching for her own path. Gentle cute melody picks up in the beginning of the song and her voice softly begins the tale of her past. The lyrics, spoken with most heartfelt nature, look back into her past life, being too hard on herself and the fear of making mistakes. Ultimately, it’s the artist’s way of reconciling with the past as much as it’s a reminder to love yourself and give time to heal even when you screw something up.

“Paper Castles” spins up higher and higher with layered vocals and a huge amount of energy. A perfect dancy pop tune with a twist and a whole lot of soul!

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