Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel “Quinceañera”

Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel use their love for music to find a grand way to celebrate a ‘Quincerañera’ while following safety measures during a global pandemic.

Founded in 2007 by front woman, as well as Grammy and Latin Grammy multi-nominee, Marisol “La Brava” Cerón, Marisol la Brava & a Flor de Piel is an artistic trio formed by the founder, co-founder and husband of Marisol, Renato “Renatonatiuh” Ceron, and their teenage daughter, Sofia “La Bravita” Ceron. 

With all members being here since the inception of the band and being a family, all the members have an understanding of each other that is palpable through their music, with all their songs feeling concise and complete: as though they were made with several people who share the same mind. Their love for each other is another element that comes through in their discography, making all their songs equally fun and easy to love. 

On August 25th, the band released the single Quinceañera, which is part of their recent EP, released two days later. 

The EP Girlhood, it’s complicated — greatly inspired by Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History’s online exhibit of the same name — was written and produced as a present to Sofia, and it works as both a gift for her fifteenth birthday and as insightful commentary on the experience of Mexican American teenage girls.

Society’s tendency to make young girls grow at a faster rate than their male counterparts is an issue that’s been present for centuries, and it’s slowly being discussed more often as people get a closer look to the aftermath of this habit through social media. People often stand up against the way child actresses are treated by the media, and it is of equal importance to discuss how normal girls who aren’t under the spotlight are treated, too. 

In Mexican culture, the emphasis on a young lady’s fifteenth birthday comes from the belief that this is the age where one matures from a girl into a woman. Whoever, this type of change does not come overnight, and it’s impossible for a girl to change their mindset in the span of a night. At heart, they’re still girls and physically, they’re teenagers who are still on their way to adulthood. 

Quinceañera as a song highlights a girl’s internal monologue regarding her birthday, and to what group she belongs to once her birthday arrives. With the lyrics “seen as a woman, treated like a child” perfectly encapsulating the perspective of most Mexican fifteen-year-old girls, the track — and the EP as a whole — aims to make people reflect on exactly what defines the end of girlhood and the beginning of womanhood. 

From mothers to birthday girls, this song is one Mexican women can relate to.

The release of Quinceañera was accompanied by a creative music video, where the viewer witnesses how a combination of joy and worry are present through this important day. As Sofia, the protagonist of the track and music video, goes through the motions of getting ready for her party and completing the required waltz, the burden of a big celebration and the new responsibilities it implies become too much for her. In the end, it is only when she’s on her own again, in bed with her two plushies, that she’s able to be comfortable being herself and embracing her young self. 

As insightful commentary of what young latinas go through once they reach a certain age, Quinceañera challenges the listener to consider how fair it is to put girls through this sort of pressure, and invites Mexican girls who will be or have gone through this events to be able to express themselves and remember, over everything else, that the only one capable of determining when your girlhood ends will always be you.

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