Monroe Moon “Wishing Well”

Dreamy song for dreamy people, a melody for those admiring the night sky and a calming tune for those of us stressed. Those are some of many ways one could describe this single I’m about to introduce. So keep on reading!

Deep, dark and familiar. These are the words in the bio of today’s artist, Monroe Moon. Run on the love of good music, the band consists of vocalist Bunny Monroe and her husband, guitarist Theo Malkin, with rhythm provided by drummer Evan Follmar. Their sound, which definitely lives up to what i read in their Spotify bio, is melodic, deeply atmospheric and full of more nocturnal side of life. Sweet romantic side intertwined with immersive soundscapes, memorable spaces and specks of emotions, Monroe Moon’s music is an experience worth to hold close.

Not too long ago Monroe Moon released a moody and vibeful “Greener“. Today the band is back with their newest single, a dreamy song titled “Wishing Well”. Influenced by an atmospheric phenomena called noctilucent clouds and the short-lasting beauty they bring to the night sky, the song is full of stargazing vibes. Gentle vocals of Bunny surrounded by shimmering guitar strings and a laid-back percussion, the magic of the song is undeniable.

Wishing Well” is one of the gentler songs of Monroe Moon. It may be dark, but the sky is illuminated and the surrounding sense of calmness brings relaxation and a sense of wonder. The single is accompanied by a live session of the song, recorded in River City Studio. Added reverb brings more of that swirly and lively energy to the song, yet it keeps such a relaxing tone. Both the single and the live session promise to keep great musical company on your evenings spent relaxing. A warm presence for when you’re alone and a chill atmosphere for get-togethers.

A Good Song for sure!

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