QUANTUM – “Live!”

“Live!” is an alt metal tune that will make you celebrate life. Enjoy a sweet melodic ride with an unexpected twist. Raw, emotional and aggressive, “Qvantvm”s new single will blow your mind and kickstart your heart. Listen now to “Live!

Welcome back, my beautiful readers! Today, alt metal band Quantum, or Qvantvm, presents their latest release. This single captures the aggression of modern metal music mixed up with an honest and unique emotive expression. Let’s go!

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The emotion of choice for “Live!” is happiness! Metal isn’t always dark and full of anger, and this group from Zurich, Switzerland, has come to turn metal music upside down and catapult it to the 21st century. Cool!

QUANTUM is all about emotions. We are energetic, limitless and raw. You can’t
pigeonhole QUANTUM and that’s a good thing. Exactly here lies our strength.
” – Qvantvm

As a mean to fight the anxiety and boredom of the pandemic, this song delivers a strong message through its lyrics. No restrictions, no rules, just live.

There is a mix of electronic elements and just a tad of hip-hop hidden under the blasting drums, angry guitars, gnarling bass and emotional vocals. What starts as a melodic tune suddenly turns into an aggressive arrangement of chaos and disorder, giving us chills and wanting to shout against those who oppress.

Yes, we have the ambition to turn the metal world upside down and catapult it into the
21st century. This requires a large dose of innovation. From this grew our vision to create
a movement for the celebration of life with a continuous story across different touchpo
ints.” – Qvantvm

The band has already achieved their first successes, as they got 3rd place at the SPH Music Masters, out of 100 participating acts. Congratulations! But the journey does not stop there, as they intend to keep moving forward, strengthening themselves with their fans help.

“Where will the journey take us? We do not know. All we can do is put all our heart and soul into QUANTUM to keep forcing fortune onto our side.” – Qvantvm

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