Kate Brunotts “Projections”

Nostalgic soaring happiness wrapped in synth-driven electronic soundscapes. The feeling itself is already sublime, but this song you’re about to read on has taken it even further. Read on to learn more about the song and the artist, you wouldn’t want to miss her wonderful sound!

This is Kate Brunotts, a New York-based producer, singer-songwriter and engineer. Adeptly running her own brand of indietronic pop, she knows the power music holds at creating a whole new world. Solid and bold, her music fearlessly build up emotion-filled soundscapes only contained by the artist herself. It’s quite hard to describe how immersive some of her songs are, for example “SAID ILY” which feels floating like northern lights, with pleasantly sharp contrasting shapes. Kate Brunotts is an easy fit for a dancefloor and nighttime enjoyment as much as her productions fit great headphones.

“I want people to expect innovation from my music. I’m not sure I’m there yet, but I hope I always strive to push the bounds of indie pop. I’d love to be known for producing an eclectic, yet digestible sound that takes just the right amount of risk.”

Kate Brunotts

Her newest song is all about the fuzzy feelings that fill the soul when we’re happy. Instead of trying to pinpoint what exactly each of those little feelings are called, the artist has decided to rebuild the entire lot in music, celebrating the state of happiness as a whole. “Projections” is a fuzzy flowing tune with warm satin-like bass, layered synths and celestial vocal bits, and the feel it brings forth is an immense level of floating-state happiness, translating over into absolute listening pleasure.

“So I produced this track largely after being inspired by Tyler the Creator’s use of sample flipping which ended up being the base of my chorus. I took a couple of string and vocal samples and started to build out something that felt nostalgic and dreamy to me. I wanted to create something people could listen to driving down the road to a gorgeous sunset, appreciating the current moment.

I shared a quick snippet on Tiktok and people seemed to really respond to it, so I went ahead pursued the demo. Originally, this track wasn’t scheduled to be on my upcoming EP “all caps” (which is out 9/24), but I fell in love with it hard and fast. The full creation of this song took place over a couple of days which is usually a good sign– I find that sometimes songs that take me less time to produce usually end up being better. This track completes the upcoming EP by providing a happy, dreamy point of relief from a lot of the more intimate, somber tunes.”

Kate Brunotts

Her voice, echoing like a holographic vision in the middle of a colorful ethereal landscape, soars in unison with the textured synths. The slow and celebrating percussion, the smoky twinge coming in from the droning and floating balanced by some of the cleanest-sounding low end and percussive elements, the song has a lot to offer for the listener even though it’s on the shorter side, clocking in at 2 minutes on the dot.

When one thinks of sheer amount of joy, it’s something that fills you up and makes your body feel light. It’s also impossible to hold that newfound energy back. All that endless quantity of happiness is well represented by “Projections”, and in addition to that it’s such a great uplifting tune!

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