Under Delusion – “PAIN”

Pain” is a fierce industrial rock track that will make your emotions rise in a rampage. A blend of heavy music with dark, powerful melodic vocals. You do not want to miss this one. Listen now to Under Delusion’s new single, “Pain”.

Heavy music is great music, and when sang by a powerful female singer it’s so much better. Under Delusion’s new single captures the crude emotions we as humans feel when making a stand against adversity. This marks the Russian trio’s fifth single, sharing sonic similarities with their third single “Fairy” and fourth single “Follow Me“, which by the way we covered right here, on Less Than 1000.

High gain guitars, diffuse ambience filled with static, hard hitting drums and driving bass set the bases for the dark, emotional lyrics and the low, deep voice of the singer. A melodic bridge sets the mood for contemplative space, only to fall into the climax of the song.

Featuring the unmistakable depth and expression of the band’s leading female vocalist, the new single delves into personal turmoil with fearless honesty and addictively melodic peaks.

The message of the song is one that subjects itself under the listener’s own experiences and perception, but it does have a real story behind: The author of the story was taken to the hospital right after a strategic meeting of a big corporation. The message’s bottomline is this: “We are strong, we are stronger than they might think. We fight, we feel pain, we win.

Sonically you can find elements akin to Nine Inch Nails, Royal Blood and Bring Me The Horizon. A dark pop / alt rock effort that will stick with you with its tenacious hook.

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