Diego Philips “Sentimental Song”

Here, where I’m writing from, the weather is getting colder and the need for peppermint tea grows stronger. When the pondering melancholic moods start to seep in, it’s time to find some good mood-lifting tunes, and today I’ve got one great pick to introduce. It’s a lovely and light little acoustic folk tune with a man, his guitar and lots of delightful emotions emitting from the two!

Diego Philips, the artist of this writeup, is a folk singer-songwriter building gentle sounds with his guitar and soft singing voice. He’s originally from Belgium, but started his musical journey in London, studying Musical Performance and performing with his band The pretty Boys in many prestigious local venues. Philips has so far released 2 albums, which swiftly envelop the listener in a warm blanket, offering expansive and immersive listening, calm yet energizing, and filled with delicate doses of emotion-laced melodies. Even more emotive than the melodies is his voice.

“I would like to say that my music is inviting music for everyone who looking for something. I want people to immerse themselves and reflect upon their own life through music.”

Diego Philips

His newest single has dropped today, a song titled “Sentimental Song“. Written to be entirely acoustic, the song features Diego’s charming warm vocals and his guitar strumming simple yet sweet melody, strings bringing in shimmering overtones. This song is in its essence the artist reflecting on why he loves writing music, and the answer for this song is to offer comfort for the listener. Caressing and gentle, “Sentimental Song” does the job beautifully. You could hear the echo of coziness in the guitar’s lower notes, sounding just like a comfortable room you’d enjoy relaxing in.

“The reason this song is completely acoustic is because I wanted it to sound like the past two years sounded for me. Just myself in my living room trying to write songs. No more rehearsals, no more gig. Just me and my guitar.”

Diego Philips

“That’s what I do, write sentimental songs for you,” Diego Philips sings. There is some pure pleasure in the way he sings that line – easy to say that’s what the artist truly loves to do, and it’s just such a lovely thing to hear.
Never stop!

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