Damien – “Love Myself”

Love Myself” is a sassy electro post-punk effort that will make you glad of your exes… even if you want them to burn. Filled with attitude and rage against discrimination, this single carries the unique style and grace from Australian non-binary artist, DAMIEN.

Hello everyone, and welcome back. Today we have a song for all of you Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode lovers. This Australian artist has blessed us with his uniqueness, both musically and of personality, with a song that tackles the cliched sentiment that ‘to love another you must first love yourself’, being a self-declaration that Damien does love himself.

Blasting with heavy industrial elements blend with a high dose of pop, “Love Myself” strikes hard, fast, and with a real message. Self-appreciation and Independence. With a blunt force of rhythm and distortion all around, the song makes its point clearly: ‘our previous partners, irrespective of how toxic they or our relationships were, can also be our teachers, empowering us to become more whole and complete versions of ourselves, by ourselves.

The self-professed prophet of prose, queer artist DAMIEN calls for social activism and pushes against social conventions with his music. Since the releasing of his full album “Girl” in 2021, DAMIEN has performed sell-out shows, earning critical acclaim for his ability to interact with the audience and the engagement he achieves.

“Love Myself” is the first single of his up-coming new album, “Wrong Age, Wrong Race, Wrong Gender” which will be released in 2022. The title of the album comes as a response to human judgement, criticism and all-around stupidity, and is directly influenced by DAMIEN’s own experience as a queer, non-binary artist with bi-polar disorder.

‘Love Myself’ was written and produced by DAMIEN in his home studio in Ipswich QLD, mixed by Hugh Middleton of Out With The In Studios in West End, QLD, and mastered by Matthew Gray (Brisbane). Photo credits: Jacinta Goodsell.

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